Gwyneth Paltrow reveals famous crush and answers intimate questions on the network

Gwyneth Paltrow created a furore on social networks in the early hours of last Sunday (16). That’s because the 50-year-old actress opened up a “little box” of questions in Instagram Stories and got extremely candid when talking about sex, famous crushes, sexuality, menopause, and pregnancy.

“Do you practice the Greek kiss, Gwyneth?” a curious follower asked. “No, usually not”, The actress replied. Another user wanted to know about the star’s sexuality: “Are you a little gay or not?”He asked question. Without saying yes or no, Paltrow replied: “These questions are epic.”

Another follower asked about Gwyneth’s first famous crush, who replied without hesitation: “Keanu (Reeves) Forever”, he declared. The actress was also asked how she is dealing with menopause, she said: “I can’t handle this. Somebody help me and all the women, my God.”

mother of Apple19 years old, and Mosesage 17, fruit of a previous relationship with Chris MartinPaltrow also took advantage of her interaction with fans to talk about the difficulties of pregnancy.

“I wish more people had told me how difficult[pregnancy]could be”she commented. “So many people in my life say, ‘I feel amazing when I’m pregnant.’ And I felt terrible. So the best thing I can say is it’s worth it. It’s worth it.”They said.

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