Guy wants to avoid what happened after the Harry Styles concert as Getafe “closed part of the access to the M-45”.

Madrid, 19 July. (Europa Press) –

Urbanism, Environment and Mobility representative, Borja Carabante, will meet this afternoon with the Mayor of Getafe, Sara Hernández (PSOE), to avoid the celebration of the Reggaeton Beach Festival in the Iberdrola music area this weekend, images after Getafe City Council After the “Part of Access Closure” on this road, the Harry Styles concert is repeated, with people crossing the M-45.

At the end of the Mesa del Arbol meeting, Carabante told the press that the mobility plan for this weekend “has not yet been approved by the Reggaeton Beach Festival as the promoters delivered it in the first hour today”. The Consistory is analyzing it for your approval.

If you pointed out that “last weekend there were problems with regard to mobility, it was also because the Getafe Council decided to close part of the access to the M-45 and, therefore, revised the active mobility plans “.

“That is why today we are having a meeting with the Mayor of Getafe to coordinate the actions and make decisions to guarantee not only the mobility but also the safety of the people being assisted”, said Carabant.

What the Ayuntamiento de Madrid does not want to see are “images like those of last weekend because they do not agree with the security conditions with people crossing via the M-45”. Carabant is confident that the meeting with Getafe will “bring very good results” and will fulfill the “objective of providing conditions of security and mobility to the participants of the concert”.

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