Four bikinis and swimsuits that 60-year-old women love because they flatter their silhouette

With experience, we have learned to bet on the most flattering and timeless designs and cuts not fleeting trends. That’s why these four trendy bikinis and swimsuits are the favorites of 60-year-old women: they feel great and are always there. V.

V-neck swimwear

The triangular neckline is always flattering and breast enlargement at any age. In addition, it gives a touch of sophistication to the swimsuit. This €45.99 offer from Oysho comes in three different colors and has a shaping effect to show off your great boyfriend.

Cutout Bikini push-up and high shot

If you prefer a bikini over a swimsuit, the tall shot bears your name. Such panties for 27.99 euros in Kalka. accentuate the hourglass figure and feel great when gravity kicks in. We love how it looks with the €31.49 draped top that pairs a high waist with sophistication.

Belted swimwear

Black swimsuit with a combined cup and belt

Another favorite formula of mature women is plain swimwear with a combined belt. This is an expert trick for achieve the effect of a slim silhouette and highlight the waist without violating monochromatism. What we can achieve with this model for 38 euros from Asos.

swimwear with clippings

Halfway between bikini and swimsuit are swimsuits with strategic openings perfect for mature women who don’t want to give up showing skin but they don’t feel comfortable with two pieces. The Zara offer is available for 27.95 euros.

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