Famousos y Alcohol | “There was no doubt that he was addicted to alcohol”: Tom Holland, and other successful actors who fought against alcohol addiction

tom holland has just starred in its first series, crowded room, a psychological thriller where you bring to life a young man dealing with the difficulties of dealing with people who eventually become involved in a shootout in the middle of Manhattan. After being taken into custody, Danny submits himself to questioning by a no-nonsense investigator (played by Amanda Seyfried) who prompts him to review his complicated life up to the present point. What have you brought?

According to the British actor who is known across the globe for incarnating Spider ManRunning a series like this helped you go deep inside yourself. “Learning about mental health and its power, and talking to psychiatrists about Danny’s struggles has been an apprenticeship for my own life”, he says of a project he is also an executive producer on.

although i already made that comment It takes about a year and a half for mental healthIn the few promotional interviews he has given these days, he has said that it is “best” not to do drugs; what has happened in his life since the moment he realized he was a “slave”; of drink on the podcast Intentionally In Jai ShettyThe British assured that the journey they decided to undertake to achieve sobriety began in the month of December 2021 with liters of alcohol.

after trying to detox with so-called Dry January (Dry Energy), A challenge that proposes to stop consuming alcoholic beverages during the first month of the year, Holland said it became impossible to stop thinking about drinking a cup during those four weeks. Concerned about the possibility of a serious addiction problemI decided to extend the abstinence rule for a few days.

Tom Holland and the Culture of Wine

However, it was hard to resist the wine culture in the United Kingdom. During her conversation with Shetty, she explained that she needed to drink alcohol to feel comfortable in social settings: “I felt like I couldn’t go to a pub and have a lime drink. I couldn’t go out for dinner. I had to pay a lot for this. I asked myself why. ‘Why am I a slave to drinking? Why am I so obsessed with the idea of ​​drinking this drink?‘” It was then that he set himself the goal of going six months without drinking, at least until June 1, the day of his 27th birthday.

During that trip I thought I was “the happiest person in the world” and I soon found “incredible alternatives” to alcohol that didn’t allow him to get down any further. Major loss problem. i had more mental clarity, I felt more healthy, fit. I am happy to say: there is no doubt that I was addicted to alcohol.

During the same interview, Hollande expressed his fear of the Mecca of cinema and, without hesitation, said that he likes to make films, but in turn is not a fan of Hollywood: “It’s not for me. Business really scares me. I understand that I am part of this business and I enjoy the interactions I have with them. I say that, I’m always looking for ways to free myself from it, to live as normal a life as possible,” assures the actor who made his cinema debut at the age of 14. this is impossibleIn Juan Antonio BayonaAnd now, after new months of recording, it has decided to take a sabbatical year.

Drew Barrymore’s Bracket

Another popular actress who opted for brackets and also has no problem talking about her problems with drinking drew barrymorewho only raised a few palms off the ground when he rose to fame playing the girl ET, Supernatural (1982). Her career as an actress was marred from the start by problems at home (her parents were divorced because of her alcoholism, who left before she was born) and growing addictions.

Eight Years of Loss, Barrymore I went to the festivities where I shared cups with the Hollywood stars of the day, He suffered damage once he used cocaine regularly. After a suicide attempt when she was only three years old, her mother was committed, against her will, to a psychiatric and rehabilitation center. “I started asking myself why is this happening to me. Finally, he tells me that maybe you needed more structure and discipline, because having everything so accessible was ruining my world, and maybe the rest of my life to be able to start over like this. A shock treatment of was necessary.” He told the actress a cycle of suffering that temporarily slowed her career and contributed to her legal emancipation in Quince Anos.

The Californian last fell into an alcohol problem in 2016, after relegating her to the background after divorcing her last husband, art consultant Will Kopelman. It now takes four years without drinking, thereby testing the myth that most alcoholics do not overcome their addiction. In addition, for three seasons she has won as the presenter of an interview program broadcast on CBS and secondly, in the same series, she “continues to work on a path of good so that there is peace where there were demons”. .

He also spent a large part of his life with a cup in hand ben affleckal que su exmujer, la tambien etriz jennifer garner, before and after announcing the divorce, was pressured to undergo a detox clinic three times. “I have no problem talking about alcohol addiction and being an alcoholic. It’s part of my life. It’s something I deal with on a daily basis. It’s not my whole identity, but it’s something that Work with what you know you have to do”, he acknowledged. The actor himself, who is still living in the shadow of repetition, is counting on the help of his current wife, Jennifer Lopez, whom he married in a Las Vegas wedding last September. (There was another party that same month, this time with friends and family, which lasted three days).

Matthew PerryKnown for his role as Chandler Bing in Friendapproved the writing of his autobiography (friend, lover and that body is awesome), to be published in 2022, to address the harsh battle against addictions. In its pages, it states that its problems began to emerge early on in the NBC series: it began consuming the beer Budweiser and, gradually, included copious amounts of vodka and a stack of analgesic and anxiolytic pills. They went. “If you pay attention to my weight from season to season, you can follow the path of my addiction: If I put on weight, it’s because of alcohol; If I’m skinny, it’s for pastillas”, reports. “And if I take Perilla, it is because I am taking Muchissima. At the end of the third season, I spent most of the time wondering how I could function with Fifty and Five Vicodina a day; And that’s why I had to take fifty and five every day, otherwise it would have been very bad for me.

Massachusetts revisited its afterlife after being on the brink of losing it in 2018, when its colon ruptured after a day of excess and doctors told its family it had a 2% chance of survival. After recovering from that emergency operation, I was in a coma for two weeks and a total of five months in the hospital. “I said in the book that if I died, it would affect people, but it would surprise no one,” Apostillo. “Ye vivir con esso da mucho mido. So I hope people will recognize it and know that this disease strikes everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are successful or not, the disease doesn’t matter.

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