Duos matches are coming to League of Legends with one of the most anticipated game modes: Arena is now available.

once in two weeks League of Legends is updated with a new patch dedicated to making changes to numerous characters, but from time to time it also introduces other news in the form of seasons. However version 13.14already available for download is more important than usual because it is responsible for welcoming a brand new mode.

With name SandThis mode is also known as 2v2v2v2, since its peculiarity lies in the fact that four teams participate in it, each of which consists of two players. Little by little, everyone sees each other in the faces in alternating battles, so coordination with your partner is clearly necessary here in order to achieve victory.

After each round, champions will receive special buffs, and will also be able to purchase items and additional skills by leveling up. soon until after several rounds there is only one team left after battles on four different fields, with their own sizes, obstacles and themes.

From time to time, champions from the Soul Fighters universe, the new season that has been included, may appear, which can be beneficial or detrimental, so you’d better be careful just in case. In addition, during the game, you can select normal games just for hanging out or ranked games For those who want to face a more serious challenge.

On the other hand, the update is accompanied by another very interesting novelty. Naafiri has just joined the character roster, nicknamed the Hound of a Thousand Bites, to dedicate himself to hunting other players with this dog, which has just joined the squad. As for the rest of the news, you can read them in full at patch notes.

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