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Jessica Chastain between brothers Barbara and Andy Muschietti, producers and directors of ‘The Flash’ – Photo: Getty

Jessica Chastain’s experience with superhero movies couldn’t go further than her role as the alien Vuk in the feature film ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’. However, there has been a lot of speculation about a new foray into the world of superpowers by the Oscar winner, especially in the movie ‘The Flash’ with strong rumors indicating that she will be playing the role of Reverse Flash, one of the greatest antagonists of all time. is one of the DC Hero.

Jessica Chastain at the premiere of ‘The Flash’ – Photo:

But since nothing more than a featured participation in the feature film starring Scarlet Corridor was ever properly confirmed, the actress’ appearance on the red carpet of the long-awaited premiere of the film starring Ezra Miller and directed by Andy Muschietti reignited those fans. woke up a warning from, who would love to see the talented star run around and do his worst.

Jessica Chastain at the premiere of ‘The Flash’ – Photo:

Jessica walked the red carpet with Argentinian filmmaker and her sister, producer Barbara Muschietti. The duo directed the films based on the Stephen King book It: A Coissa, and the sequel, It: Chapter 2, starred the brothers’ best friend Jessica.

Jessica Chastain at the premiere of ‘The Flash’ – Photo:

And now, our offering of spoilers, which you’ll only read if you’re totally frustrated, haven’t been paying attention or if you’re such an anxious fan that you can’t wait for ‘The Flash’ to premiere on June 15. Then, go at your own risk!

The Flash – Photo: Publicity

In ‘The Flash’, Barry Allen tries at all costs to exonerate his father, who was wrongly accused of murdering his mother. To do this, he uses his incredible speed powers to travel back in time to change certain events and get away with crime. However, he discovers a variety of parallel realities in which actions create a situation completely different from the one in which he lived (or wanted to live).

Jessica Chastain at the premiere of ‘The Flash’ – Photo:

With his wanderings in the multiverse, Barry/Flash finds another Barry who lives in a world where there are no metahuman heroes, only Batman, who has already retired. However, he also ends up having to face another speedy entity, Warped and Dark, who turns out to be a formidable adversary. And… no, she’s not played by Jessica Chastain, y’all. We won’t give away the rest of the story, but if you want to know more, read our take on DC’s latest and highly anticipated production.

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