CS2: First fix for Overpass and Vertigo

The new FPS update fixed various bugs on both maps and improved the reload animation for the M249.

Valve released Vertigo maps in CS2 with minor changes, unlike CS:GO, and Overpass, the first map remade from scratch, which brought errors to its version that needed fixing. Well, the latter has arrived with a small and interesting change to the beloved light machine gun, which may indicate a possible retouching of weapon animations.

In the last few hours, the first patch has been released, fixing bugs in playable landscapes that came to FPS. Besides, new animation for M249 and they shared more limited trial invites for multiple players.

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Here are the patch notes for the first Overpass and Vertigo CS2 fix:


  • Adjusted the interaction of doors with thrown weapons and rag dolls.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented groups of two or more people from entering matchmaking.
  • Fixed an issue where door interactions with players would affect hit registration.
  • Fixed scale issue with four grenade icons in the equipment control panel


  • The M249 now has a bullet belt animation.


  • Dizziness
    • Added sounds to urinal doors.
      Fixed vacancy signs on urinals
      Various lighting settings
  • over the pass

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The surprise of the CS2 fix is ​​the animation change for M249, as his bullet belt is now correctly positioned and depletes when the last bullets remain., like in CS:GO. Previously reported a bug with Negev where when attaching a magazine, it would automatically stick to the LMG. However, this may be a sign that the reload animation needs to be revisited and polished later.

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