Criticism of Oppenheimer: “This is Christopher Nolan’s best film.”

It’s July 21st, Christopher Nolan’s new bet,’Oppenheimer‘. Feature film starring Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. based on the story of the father of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and promises to be one of the greats blockbusters summer.

A few days after the premiere the first criticisms have already appeared. In accordance with rotten tomatoesa website specializing in reviews and criticism of series and films, at the time of this writing, had 100 reviews, Nolan’s new film received a 94 percent approval rating, making it one of the director’s best films.

Actually, the director’s only film with such a rating is “The Dark Knight’ since 2008, which earned Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar for his memorable performance as “Joker‘. Expected that Oppenheimer‘to surpass’The Dark Knight‘ as soon as it is released at a deliberate level.

Oppenheimer (2023): Trailer

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Criticism of Oppenheimer: “This is Christopher Nolan’s best film.”

Next share some of the best reviews on ‘Oppenheimer‘ Christopher Nolan.

Atlantic Ocean

“More impressive is how the director made such a personal narrative epic not only in visual breadth, but also in dramatic scope, presenting a story from the past that seems connected to many of today’s concerns about nuclear annihilation.”-David Sims

People’s World

The film masterfully creates A gripping and dramatic thriller that intertwines history with questions of morality. It’s hard to sit for three hours, but worth a look“.-Chaunsey C. Robinson

AV Club

“Is Best Christopher Nolan movie Until now, a step to the next level for one of our top directors and a movie that crashes into your brain.” Matthew Jackson

rolling stones

Any director can create a cinematic universe. (Many had. Too many, some would say.) Very few can show how a genius perceives the basic components of our universe.just before that same person imagines something that threatens our existence in him. David fear

The newspaper “New York Times

“Oppenheimer a great achievement in formal and conceptual terms, and utterly breathtaking, but Nolan’s filmmaking, most importantly, in the service of the story he tells“.-Manohla Dargis

Los Angeles Times

“One of the many advantages of Oppenheimer, Nolan’s new intellectually exciting and morally desperate new film, is that manages to find some of these conventions in another of his elaborate narrative labyrinths.‘.- Justin Chang

Movie Reviews with Jimmy Cage

“As expected, Christopher Nolan is making great strides with Oppenheimer. An emotional and brutal character study, epic and intimate, which very captivating and at the same time perfectly shows the insane dimensions of our human actions“.-Jimmy Cage

Daily Telegraph (UK)

“In the same time high-speed roller coaster and a chilling spiritual portrait; often a classically-tuned historical play that only Nolan could have done it, and only now, after a quarter of a century of preparation..-Robbie Collin

USA today

Cillian Murphy Presents hauntingly the best performance of his career as theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Robert Downey Jr. is striking so that We did not meet each other in a long time‘.- Brian Truitt

Associated Press

Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan a kinetic thing of dark and imposing beauty which is shaken by the alarming trembling of the cliff forever in the course of human history..- Jake Coyle

Who’s Who in Oppenheimer? This is the cast of the film

Cillian Murphy brings J. Robert Oppenheimer himself to life, Bye Robert Downey Jr plays Lewis Strauss with whom Oppenheimer argued about development of the atomic bomb in the late 1940s

The cast also consists of Emily Blunt as Katherine Oppenheimer, wife of J. Robert, activist and scientist; and Matt Damon, who plays Lieutenant General Leslie Groves, the military director of the Manhattan Project.

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