Chris Isaak wins Poble Espanyol’s hearts with great skill as an ‘entertainer’

Perfect for a summer night. so was the concert chris isaak At the Alma festival (yes, the festival that used to be held in the gardens of Pedralbes and has had to be moved this year). However, La Plaza’s Mayor del Poble Espanyol is perfectly suited for this type of medium format concerts: a happy time, with Chris Isaak (67 years old) sequin dress and the right dose of nostalgia. The Californian competed with Harry Styles, who brought together more than 50,000 spectators on the same mountain of Montjuïc at one point, and cracked a few jokes himself, making it clear that his hopes were not as high when he became a star in the mid-80s, thanks largely to ‘Wicked Game’ and David Lynch, who included the song in the film ‘Corazon Salvaje’. 2,900 gathered in it.

Chris Isaak, Barcelona 2023
Photo: Leafhopper / Alma Festival Pedralbes GardenChris Isaak, Barcelona 2023

“Thank you for coming to see the live music, because if you weren’t walking around Barcelona in that outfit”, he said nothing more. “And by wearing clothes alone, you can be an ice skater or a rock musician”. Those are the jokes that get repeated at every concert, but all the same, because it works and he knows, he knows, he’s a great ‘entertainer’, in the classic American sense. He performed with the band for the rest of his life, fully prepared and celebrating that this concert (the third time he performed in the city) was the last of the European tour.

In repertoire, work from a year ago ‘Somebody’s Crying’ or ‘Don’t leave me alone’, one of those classics that demonstrated he was unwilling to drop all the artillery for the final. Nor did it take long for the public to walk and sing from the center of the plaza. including the ghostly and mysterious ‘wicked Game’ Revealed a little too soon. Another thing, it’s a contrast to the general tone of the concert and four minutes is short when you have to enter that kind of melancholic state.

Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, James Brown

In fact, the concert was fun, and Isaac surprisingly reinforced the repertoire with the classics of his references. Roy Orbison (“Oh, Pretty Woman” and “Only Alone”), Elvis Presley (‘Can’t stop myself from falling in love’) y, ya en los bises, james brown (‘I’ll go mad’). By the way, there’s a great anecdote when I helped James Brown’s cameraman get to know him and after introducing myself as a fan, all I got from the godfather of soul was one of his guttural sounds: “¡Eh!”. ‘Forever Blue’, ‘Two Hearts’… Chris Isaak is not a ‘one hit wonder’. Your memory may not be at the height of your references, but it’s a storehouse of good songs, even played in a semi-acoustic format while sitting on a stool.

Then, with the Disco Mirror outfit, I went to the more electrifying part. ‘Blue Hotel’ and guitar tremolos that rock the competition, the Chicago-style blues ‘Big Wide Wonderful World’, ‘Notice the Ring’ with more funk airs and traviso ‘Baby did a bad thing’ The theme of James Bond is accompanied by quotes and a group of spectators (almost all women, but some men) are dancing on stage.

Chris Isaak, Barcelona 2023
Photo: Leafhopper / Alma Festival Pedralbes GardenChris Isaak, Barcelona 2023

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