Chitaozinho and Zorro will live in a luxury building called ‘Evidencias’ in SC. community

“Without denying appearances, nor concealing evidence”, it was announced that the pair Chitaozinho and Zororo would move to Itapema, on the north coast of Santa Catarina, after their retirement. The Sertanejos chose the Avidentias Tower, a luxury development developed by KMK Emprendimentos, as their new home.

The property in question is considered one of the most exquisite residential buildings, named after one of the duo’s most famous songs, “Evidencias”. The involvement of the duo with the construction company seems to have been intervened by the artistic entrepreneur Adriano Gatto, as indicated on social networks. In addition, they rely on the marketing consultancy of Metra Promotions Agency, whose publicist is Eduardo Zielinski, a professional recognized for his large-scale campaigns with celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Grazie Masfera.

The surprising news of the retirement of Chitao and Zorro, whose career spans 53 years and has always been a success with sold-out shows and sold-out tickets, left fans questioning whether the duo would really be calling it quits.

Chitaozinho and Zorro announce they will stay in Itapema

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