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first time i saw charity wakefield in the 2008 BBC version for reason and sensitivityIn Jane Austen, after the final explanation of Kate WinsletEven with a distance of 10 years, it was one of the most difficult roles to innovate effectively. And she was talented, less sentimental, but still given one of literature’s most romantic roles, Marian Dashwood. Since then I’ve been trying to follow her career, which culminated in the invaluable and incredible Georgina Dymov. Great, Which is gaining prominence in recent years. Season 3 is available from 14 July on Lionsgate Plus.

Charity was born in England, but after her parents separated, she spent her first four years in Spain with her mother and grandparents. After returning to London, he starred in a school production sleeping Beauty, and at the age of seven he decided to pursue a professional career. Between theatre, TV and films, Charity built a solid and respected career, and it was while at work that she met her actor husband david newmanwhen they worked together on the play one man’s first nightin 2005.

Great It is a parody of the life of Catherine the Great, reporting “occasionally” truth. For example, Georgina is not a true character, much different from the next act of charity that will live on. princess beatrice In the movie ScoopFrom Netflix (which will recap the interview backstage Prince Andrew ,rufus sewell) about her friendship with a pedophile for the BBC jeffrey epstein, From London via Zoom, the charity contacted immediately and exclusively Claudia About the two projects. And I must confess, her friendship confirmed to me that my admiration for her was not unfounded!

Claudia: I’ll start our conversation with a tease, because I love your Marian Dashwood reason and sensitivity, where it made us cry and now, as Georgina Dymov, among many other roles, makes me laugh often. Was Georgina a composite of several women who existed in her time?

Dan: I have no idea! He’s a mix of many, but I really think he’s a creation Tony McNamara (audience of Great, I find her really attractive! There are defined paths for this type of character that can be easily traced. For example, out of curiosity I went to the reopening National Portrait Gallery In June, and I remembered how I used to go there (as part of research) to see paintings from that time. Great) because in these pictures you can see how people had relationships, how elite relationships were or what kind of people were at home. The information is not usually found in history books. You can learn a lot from paintings. But about Georgina, I would say she may be fictional but also very real as she had many lovers like her. I found it very interesting when I explained Mary Boleyn In “wolf hall”, Another role of a lover, because it was, for the most part, completely normal for an emperor or king to have many concubines and for the people to accept them and their children as well. Children were also legalized and could inherit property even if they were not in the line of succession.

Claudia: One thing you can say about Georgina is that she’s practical…

Dan: Yes, of course. Basically historically accurate. She is genuine, she means and she seems very comfortable in her position (as a lover) which she chooses to maintain (initially).

Claudia: She begins as an opponent of Catherine and is engaged to Emperor Peter. I can’t spoil the season, so I’ll avoid giving away the plot, but what can you share about Georgina’s arc, where it started and where it’s going? Because a lot has happened to him.

Dan: Happens a lot, yeah! (laughter). So we found Georgina in a very comfortable place for that. She is married, very happy and has a great sexual relationship with Samrat, which she claims is what she wants. This is absolutely true, but objectively speaking, it is also completely subject to these circumstances. The Emperor can disown or kill her at any time and with that knowledge, there is an element of constantly trying to maintain her position, her lifestyle, and then very little of her royal life at the same time. When Catherine moves in, Georgina expects her to follow the pattern of most wives and accepts that the mistress is like a piece of furniture. But Catherine is made of strong stuff and is too idealistic, she has these crazy ideas like the first feminist ideas about what you should tolerate and what you shouldn’t, how society should be. My character is of course happy – at first – to agree, but only because she thought she would keep her position, but on the contrary, it threatens her more.

Claudia: And in the second season, after a trip to France, she comes back even more “against” Catherine.

Charity: Yes, because she sees what we don’t see on screen, namely that the whole of France is in complete turmoil because there has been a great revolution against the aristocracy. So she returns to Russia with an agenda to prevent this from happening again, or else her family may die. She knows that if people bring these European ideas, people will one day come out in the streets and kill the rich, so she is against it. However, she is a bit of an actress and manipulator, and continues to pretend that she understands and is interested in Catherine’s ideals. Interestingly, this is absolutely true for life, you know what? When people adopt another personality. It kind of creeps in and gets messed up.

Claudia: And now?

Charity: So at the beginning of Season 3 he’s very confused internally. For him, the most important thing is just to fight for life, but first of all he has to survive. So Georgina is the kind of person who would put up with anything for a living and I think that’s fair!

Claudia: And at the end we had a big surprise (laughs). Do you have a favorite scene of all time?

Charity: I love any scene in the group, but one of my favorites is really just a scene that I can’t talk about (laughs). Well, I can’t talk about what happens in the scene, but it’s very late in the season and there are a lot of characters involved, as well as a baby, who plays Paul (Katherine and Peter’s son). By the way, those are the two twins who turn up as Paul and we also had a dog in the same scene. Above all, it was a challenge to act because we knew we only had limited time with the baby and limited time with the dog. And there was a lot of text as well as a lot of action, so I was really nervous. I tried to relax, but the more we relaxed, the more things went wrong. I just thought, “Everything is going to go wrong. The dog will not see it that way. The baby is going to cry,” but we took the first take and everything went well.

Claudia: I look forward to seeing!

Donation: Yeah, and in the last take I was looking into the distance and I remember feeling the camera here (glued to it) and hearing everyone on the set (coming out of their trance). “Like this?”. it was perfect. It’s so wonderful when everything works. And it happens a lot on our sets because the writing is quite dramatic and has a real melody to it, a kind of solid structure, so it’s very enjoyable for us to play it.

Claudia: Before we say goodbye, what can you share with us about your role as Princess Beatrice in the movie “Scoop”?

Charity: I’ve finished filming my part and I really enjoyed it. It’s a different world in terms of style and type of work (compared to Great, Scoop Try to analyze and inquire what happened recently and we are talking about people who are very important in the life of my country and events which are very difficult topics. so like playing someone important princess beatrice It was a very delicate process, but I feel very honored because he is someone I have always admired and still do. And the subject matter that we’re questioning in the film is obviously very interesting, but the intent is to somehow recreate and understand something that we’ve already seen. So yeah, a very different experience.

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