Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ chronological relationship

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

Coachella has become the stage where Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have given their relationship a fresh go or, at least, it’s the one where they pictures of them together Djaban has little doubt about the approach between Esperanza.

Despite being separated from the cartel of luxury that highlighted the appearance of the Spanish Rosalia, love seems to have become the true protagonist of this concert. The fallen music was overshadowed by what was going on offstage, because if camilla and sean given a new chance, Nothing is more important than your fans,

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ chronological relationship

when did they meet both were starting their careers, Shawn just became the star of the moment and Camila for her part started making a splash within the group she is famous for, Fifth Harmony. In 2015, they talked about the great chemistry they had and the possibility that there was something more to their friendship, however, as of 2019, things haven’t changed.

away from your friends musical collaboration, rocked the public Y le echarón la culpa al otro de que entre elos no psada unromantico. This is the jest with which she deflects his approach, assuring that she considers him only a friend and lamaba ‘girl’. All that changed with ‘Senorita’.

The song was an incredible musical success for both, but It also marks the beginning of their relationship, After publishing the topic, Camilla confirmed that she had ended the relationship that she had maintained with her partner until then and the rumors flew, no one could believe that she their chemistry was great in the video Do not transfer to real life and do not make mistakes.

Always cautious and thus keen to keep his life private, he didn’t want to confirm anything, but the pictures spoke for themselves. pictures from there This couple looked great together, Cogidos de la Mano and even looked like they were kissing. There was no doubt about it, their friendship had now become a relationship of a couple.

Lego year 2020, the time when everyone had to stay at home for some time, they went through prison together And he did not hide it, so he reflected it on his social networks, where he remained active and in touch with his followers, despite the absence of concerts and public appearances. When I could go out for a walk, they did it together.

Things seemed to be on wheels, the pair was going strong and even started rumors of their engagement, But the breakup happened in November 2021. They assured that their relationship was over, but not the love that was in them, that they were always friends and that was the most important thing for them.

an end that still seemed certain Coachella 2023 Lo Changed Everything, The couple met very fondly and since then meetings and rendezvous have become commonplace. They haven’t confirmed that they are back together, but their fans were intrigued for a while and started waiting for the announcement.


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