Bungie founders and EA veterans are working on a new Fortnite-inspired game

The folks at this new Look North World or LNW studio are already working on their first Fortnite video game with Unreal Engine.

People, I give you the news that personally, It surprised me and forever. The fact is that a team of already seasoned veterans EA, Bungie and Kongerate created new game studio which they baptized as See northern world (LNV). Among the participants in a recent study, great names were named, such as Alexey Seropyan, recognized as one of bungee foundersstudio responsible for iconic franchises such as Halo And fate.

The most prominent:

  • founders Bangui And veterans create a studio called See northern world.
  • They are already working on their first video game: “Corral of criminalsin an unreal engine fortnite.
  • New way earnings on the number of players let them play fortnite islands.
  • Own players can influence in future developments through discord.
  • first 1000 participants channel discord will join beta testing channel for testing new games.

New game studio with great potential

among the inhabitants of See northern world also found talented veterans in very important roles such as CTO Jay Chest, Aaron Marrokin How Lead ArtistHe Art Director Prashant Patil And Kyle Marks How Creative director.

What surprised me the most was that they did not keep me waiting long. start developing your first game: Outlaw Corral. this is the name for Fortnitewhich is created using the engine Unreal enginewith which, adding both things, the result can be very attractive.

Outlaw Barnyard Trailer

Outlaw Corral: Wild West duels are coming to Fortnite

Apparently, “Corral of criminals“This is a game that the action takes place in the wild weston one of the islands Fortnitewhere he rewards shooting skill. They take advantage of the fact that the “islands” created for Fortnite With Unreal engine allows developers earn money always depending on the number of players who play on the said islands. It’s a curious way that allows you to experiment and listen to the community players for improve experience.

One of foundersspecific Alex Seropyancommented the following:

Developing with Unreal Engine for Fortnite opens up a world of possibilities for us, it’s uncharted territory. Through experimentation, we will see what players like and involve them in decision making. We started with a “virtual sky is the limit” mentality. As creative ideas are developed, we will learn how these platforms generate social interaction and entertainment to make changes accordingly.

Alex Seropyan

unite with them

Yes, members See northern world they launched into create a channel discord for the players to help them, providing feedback and suggestions.

And don’t miss this to further inspire the community, first 1000 Discord members will automatically go to join the beta testing channel from research to test new games before release.

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