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Based on one of the most representative images from Greta Gerwig’s film, experts express their concern and point out the risks associated with this dangerous viral trend.

much awaited film barbieThe film, directed by producer Greta Gerwig, is set to hit the screens of Cinepolis and Cinemax in a few weeks, and people around the world are already hooked. By the way, these are the first fans to walk the pink carpet in Mexico. however, There’s one piece in particular that has had many people talking about it over the past few months: a two-second clip of the protagonist’s feet.

at the opening of the official trailer of barbie, Margot Robbie eats with the right pie, but in a metaphorical sense, literally bells. In a broad plan, The heroine strips herself of elegant tacos to show off her bare feet still arched You are ready to wear next footwear accessory which is now waiting for you on a prestigious platform.

The ideal image enthralled the audience who are gearing up to see how the iconic Muneka comes alive on the movie screen Next 20 July, the same day that Awaited also opens oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan. The Australian actress revealed that she had few but effective resources to perform well. He said in an interview for The Project, “There are no special effects, you’d be surprised how many[special effects]there actually are in this movie.”

As explained in a new story on the cover of Time magazine about the making of Gerwig’s new film: “We need eight toms to achieve this plan. (Margot Robbie) I had to hold a bar to keep my legs flexible. Y, c, asos sun sous pies”, the director signs off. Yo, Tonya or birds of prey,

Naturally, The popular image was taken, referenced and used on TikTok to turn it into a viral challenge for some concerned podiatrists. For the risks and dangers arising from it. Participants in this particular trend are trying to recreate the scene by posing with spikes and performing some carefully balanced moves, with television personality Chrissy Teigen participating in an apparently amusing competition.

LA Dr. Jodi R. Schoenhaus Dell foot, ankle and leg vein center Attempting the long challenge in Florida warns of the risk of injury. “If anyone tries the pose once or twice, it’ll probably turn out just fine and make for an excellent TikTok video,” it said in a statement. “However, there are some risks if the asanas are attempted and zancada is attempted for a long time. The tobilo is unstable, which can lead to sprains and ligament injuries, which are more commonly seen with high club use.

So, if Robbie made up the scene, Those who intend to participate in the challenge are advised to follow their steps using some form of support. barbie It also counts with Ryan Gosling as co-protagonist in the role of Kane. In addition to Will Ferrell as Mattel’s executive director, this adaptation of the famous doll includes a star-studded cast who play other versions of Barbie (Dua Lipa, Issa Rae and Kate McKinnon).

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