Alleged synopsis of new Star Wars movie with Daisy Ridley leaked; check out

Star Wars/Daisy Ridley (drama: Walt Disney Studios)
Star Wars/Daisy Ridley (drama: Walt Disney Studios)

In the update, scheduled to begin filming in less than a year, production weekly The official synopsis of the new film may be leaked by star wars starring Daisy Ridley.

officially announced during Celebration this year, production which is one of the next launches lucasfilm And this disneytakes place more than ten years after the events of rise of skywalker, While it will feature Rey trying to rebuild the Jedi Order.

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In a new report from the North American website, in addition to pointing out the recording of the cinematographic title star wars Should start in April 2024, site reveals estimated synopsis of production daisy ridley (Via Bespin Bulletin, Reading:

Set approximately 15 years after Rey’s victory over Palpatine and the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The sequel highlights Rey’s daring attempt to restore the Jedi Order, where she takes on the role of mentor to two promising young students – a girl and a boy. As the training progresses, it becomes apparent that the girl has extraordinary abilities, destined to emerge as a leader in the future.

See the details already confirmed behind the new movie in the Star Wars universe

with provisional subtitles of new jedi order ,new jedi order, In free translation), the feature film will be directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, from a script written by steven knight, in addition to daisy ridley, No other actors have been confirmed in the cast, although fans believe so. john boyega it is Oscar Isaac return to their roles as Finn and Poe, respectively.

Star Wars: New Jedi Order should debut in 22 May 2026The first dates for the next films in the franchise to hit theaters.

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