10 most watched series of June 2023

June was an ideal month for those who love a good series. On the one hand, our wonderful series was coming to an end and delivering an epic, memorable and emotional conclusion. On the other hand, the massive debut that kept people engaged for long hours in long marathons. In other words, the perfect setting for anyone who just can’t do without a good story.

It is very much evident when we look at the list of most watched series of the month. Not surprisingly, we have this mix of farewells and news dividing the public’s attention and showing that June is an ideal period for renewal without leaving anyone in the lurch or anything to look forward to.

The highlight here is the presence of the Brazilian title among so many heavyweight productions. With HBO, Marvel, Netflix and Apple fighting it out for user game, Brazil has shown that it also knows how to tell great stories and has a bonded audience when it comes to our own stories.

10. Among Strangers

There’s no denying that Tom Holland remains a phenomenon even when he’s not dressed up as Spider-Man and acrobating around. and new series among strangers This is a beautiful example of that, as it has already made it onto the list of most watched productions on the stream – even with the very scathing reviews in its history.

Still, the strong cast was enough to command attention. with Amanda Seyfried (drop out) and Sasha Lane (bad boy), the series true crime tells the story of a man who is arrested after a mass shooting in New York. And when an investigator decides to learn more about this suspect, we learn more about his trajectory and understand who he really is – in addition to uncovering some shocking revelations about the case.

among strangers Available on Apple TV+.

9. Bear

second season premiere of Bear – at least abroad, since Star+ only promised new episodes for August in Brazil – so people rushed to watch and review the beginning of this story. And all these expectations are quite justified as the series was one of the biggest surprises of 2022 in streaming and everyone is looking forward to see how this story will continue.

Produced by Jeremy Allen White (shameless) follows a young chef who returns home to run the family’s small eatery following the death of his father. The problem is that, in addition to being a type of business he is not accustomed to, the dynamics of the place are chaotic and business is doing very poorly. Thus, the protagonist has to sort it all out amid pressure coming from all sides while dealing with his grief.

Bear Available on Star+.

8. Ted Lasso

end of last season ted lasso The charismatic tale of the football coach who conquered the world has come to an end. After three seasons, we saw how the character played by Jason Sudeikis (i want to kill my boss) not only became an English icon on the field, but it also went on to become one of the public’s most loved series in recent times.

With a light and uplifting plot, the entire journey of this American football coach who is taken to the United Kingdom to coach a real football team with no experience presented very engaging characters and showed that not every story has to be full of whimsy and twists to work. Sometimes the heart is enough.

ted lasso Available on Apple TV+.

7. All Flowers

The Brazilian representative of our list of the most watched series in June all flowers, The soap opera created exclusively for streaming was already making a lot of noise on Globoplay and ended its trajectory as an undeniable success. And, even though the ending of the plot didn’t make the audience as happy as the first episode, the overall result was still quite positive.

And it’s all thanks to our best melodrama. The story of Myra (Sophie Charlotte) is the typical soap opera girl’s journey, a blind young woman abused by her mother (Regina Casey) and sister (Leticia Collin) who ends up in the hands of the devil before reaching the salvation we both yearn for.

all flowers Available on Globoplay.

6. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Of course, no anime can be missing from our list, especially one that is a complete success in Japan and the rest of the world. kimetsu no yaiba Also known by the western name of demon slayer – The story of a young boy whose family has been wiped out by demons. Only his sister survives, but cursed to become one of these creatures, he needs to travel the world to find a cure while gaining skills that will allow him to end this evil forever.

Anime became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to the charisma of its characters and excellent animation, which brought fight and brawl scenes to life with all the dynamism and agility that fans love to see. not coincidentally, there are also beholders demon slayer like Naruto New age.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba It is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

5. Succession

Another much-hyped ending at the hands of HBO succession, story, which is basically a game of Thrones The modern day set with a bunch of billionaires fighting for the inheritance and doing it all, won the hearts of the audience with stellar performances, obnoxious lovable characters and one twist after another to keep the viewers hooked to the next episode always.

And it’s all related to the controversy surrounding media mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox) manipulating and playing with his four children to decide who will replace him when he leaves the company. Since then, we see that when power and money come in the way, family means nothing.

succession Available on HBO Max.

4. Secret Invasion

The latest series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, its abbreviation in English) has already arrived, which shows how much superheroes are still growing. Samuel L. The production, starring Jackson, recently premiered and is already one of June’s most-watched series on streaming.

The big difference is that, unlike other Marvel series, secret invasion It’s super short. Focusing on Nick Fury, we follow a tense espionage story in which the one-eyed agent must deal with an invasion of Earth by shape-shifting aliens who have decided to take over the planet for themselves. Not knowing whom to trust, he himself has to enter the fray to solve this problem.

secret invasion Available on Disney+.

3. Black Mirror

Four years later, the prestigious black Mirror returns for a sixth season with even more disturbing episodes. Although many have criticized Netflix’s decision to stray a bit from the dilemmas and technological dystopias, the truth is that the storylines presented in the new episodes have once again won over the audience to the extent that the absurd situations presented have given everyone goosebumps.

This time in the series Salma Hayek (eternal), Aaron Paul (breaking bad), Michael Cera (scott pilgrim vs the world), Zazie Beatz (clown) and Ben Barnes (done by) to show that the quality level is still up.

black Mirror Available on Netflix.

2. Origin

was probably the biggest surprise of june Original, a series that blends elements of suspense, horror and science fiction, did not go unnoticed by many but was successful enough to take silver in the list of most watched series in June. starring Harold Perrineau (ounce), the series brings an interesting story in the style of Stephen King.

It all centers around a small town in the interior of the United States that conveniently traps everyone who enters it. Thus, the residents need to find a way out of this hell and at the same time they have to deal with the menace of strange creatures living in the woods surrounding the place.

Original Available on Globoplay.

1. silo

Closing out our list, we’ve had undeniable success silo, Apple’s sci-fi starring Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible 6 – Fallout Effects) is based on a book and features a post-apocalyptic world in which a climate disaster wiped out a large portion of the population, forcing the few survivors to hide in underground silos.

But this story doesn’t seem to be true and some people start to question the new organization and doubt what really happened in the world and on the surface. The problem is that the search for answers can be fatal.

silo Available on Apple TV+.

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