Winter Vacation 2023: Esperan Record de Alquileres de Autos Para Turismo

Since the KINTO share platform, there has been an increase of 65% compared to 2022 and 1,500 coaches have been hired per month. In destinations such as Bariliche, more qualifications must be provided to supply the demand.

16 July 2023 11.17

From this Monday, 17th July, winter vacations will start in all AMBA school institutions. For the rest of the provinces also, it will start from July 10. That’s why this whole week there will be winter holiday in the country.,

This is estimated by the Ministry of Tourism and Transport of the Argentine nation 5.5 million national tourists visited during the season and 1.5 million foreign tourists in the winter of 2023.

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Reservations for the winter season at Kinto Share were 65% higher than before

In this framework, many activities driven by technology have seen an increase in their activity. How is the case with car rental on different platforms? Reservation for winter season has increased by more than 65% over the previous and set a new monthly record of over 1,500, as reported by KINTO Share, a mobility platform operating in Argentina. And add to this respect: Las Plazas are the most sought after in Bariloche, Mendoza, Salta and Buenos Aires, from where tours to nearby sites begin.

In the specific case of Bariloche, D├ębiron city officials record higher rents enabling companies to operate due to high demand. As told by Daniel Pinchera, Principal of the Under Secretary of Traffic and Transportation Dyron enabled 40 vehicles to overcome a total of 600,

This trend can be seen in the country and companies in the sector like Sixt have highlighted the growth in both 2021 and 2022. So much so that in many cases they have to increase their fleet by up to 50% to meet the demand that exists in major tourist centers of the country.

car rental business

According to a report by international firm Statista, the car rental business in South America will generate more than US$4,000 million in 2023 and more than US$5,000 million in 2027. There are already 35 million people in the region who use this system,

In KINTO Share, they conducted a survey among their users to find out what are the reasons for renting and if more than 40% choose tourism, other activities are also on the rise. Car rental is already a mobility trend for everyday life. Personal activities such as rules and changes come up as another reason to rent. on stage, with 21%. In general, I suffer a lot from water. The average time to refill a Kinto share is about 5 days, but the platform allows you to do it for as long as a few hours alone.

In that line, the survey shows that with 19%, a job is the third reason for hiring. Entrepreneurs, SMEs, self-employed professionals or commercial agents take advantage of the possibility of accessing mobility as a service, from compact cars like the Etios or Yaris to pick-ups like the Hilux and even vans like the Hiace Let’s select, which shows. and concluded on the matter: the fourth reason for rental, with 11%, It is a replacement for own vehicleAlready under repair or during the sale period.

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