We Always Forget It Exists, But Keanu Reeves Starred In One Of His Worst Movies After Hitting The Matrix

Known for the grandiose action sequences, Reeves also did a great deal of romance.

Although we often think of more intense films when we think of Keanu Reeves, it’s worth bearing in mind that the star has devoted part of his career to starring in romance. Some of them became hugely popular with fans of the genre, while others…

In July 2001, Reeves helmed Sweet November, one of his first feature films following the runaway success of The Matrix. When the Wachowski sisters chose him for the role of Neo, the actor had already starred in the novels Caminhando nas Nuvens (1995) and Paixão Bandida (1996), but his resume with Doce Novembro was negatively marked. .

In the plot, Nelson Moss (Reeves) is a publicist who only thinks about work. Without entertainment, all free time is devoted to professional life. One day, he meets Sarah Dever (Charlize Theron), a quirky and funny woman who looks at life differently. When the girl invites him to stay with her for a month, her goal being to help him change the way he lives, Nelson slowly begins to fall in love.

While Keanu had emerged as a 100% recognizable face in Hollywood at the time, we can’t say the same for Theron, who had already done some heavy roles but hadn’t achieved stardom yet. The two had previously worked together on Devil’s Advocate, a detail that strengthened their behind-the-scenes chemistry but wasn’t enough to escape the barrage of criticism Sweet November faced.

But rotten TomatoesA reference site in terms of cinema, it ranks with a mere 15% approval from film experts. To make matters worse, the production also bombed at the box office, grossing over $65 million. With signature direction by Pat O’Connor, many consider the work largely responsible for sinking the career of the filmmaker – who then went on to direct just one more film: Private Peaceful in 2012.

That said, for those who still want a taste of the real, Sweet November can be rented on Prime Video and Apple TV.

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