Valorant: KRÜ Defeated Leviathan in America’s Last Chance Qualifier – Results and How It Continues

Valorant LCQ launched last weekend and has already reached the middle of the competition. All the details about what’s to come are in this post!

victory for CRY V Qualifier Valorant “Last Chance”!. The pink team won Leviathan To semi-final of the senior draw and accumulated his third victory consistent. Similar sea ​​dragons are still alive in the competition and both teams Argentina they will have to hit the track again this Latin American day.

To give some context, currently the city Angels is fraught with controversy Valiant LCQ from the area of America. This tournament, organized riot game invited participating teams from VCT America 2023 contest the last place for what will be Valiant Championsexcept for the champion LOUDwho qualified directly by winning America League at the end Maybe.

Now the way to CRY the past began Saturday 7/15 in his hands against. MiBR (Round 1). The Brazilian team struggled but could not match the team founded Sergio kun omen as the hand of the great kesnitthey managed to secure the victory from 2 to 0 (Bind: 13-7 and Lotus: 13-8).

Later, CRY left behind detachment from RAGE (Quarterfinal) welcome back. jaguars started on the right foot splitmap where they have achieved the advantage 14-12 With over time in the middle. However, CRY raised his head in time to start a story ascent (13-4) and subsequently seal a row of dense 13-11 V bind.

Bye bye in the afternoon Monday 17 July two old acquaintances saw each other again: CRY v. Leviathan. In this case, the contest turned to the treasury CRYwho dominated the first map split with hard 13-5 and faced with action valiant V Lotusthe roses struck again in time to pick it up 13-7.

As a supplement to commitment Valiant LCQ will continue this afternoon with 2 matches that they will have so many CRY (Klaus, NagZ, Davis, Melser and Keznit) How A LION (kiNgg, Tacolilla, Shyy, Nozwerr and Mazino) as the main characters. It should be noted that the graphs that will be shown will correspond to Buenos Aires, Argentina:

  • Valorant LCQ – Americas:
    • Tuesday 7/18:
      • Cloud9 vs. KRU – 17:00 – Superior draw final
      • Guardians vs. Leviathan – 20:30 – Semi-final of the lower draw

Live all matches of the best valiant continent, it will be enough to join the official broadcast of the video game through platforms Twitch or YouTube. Who will get the ticket Valiant Champions?

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