These are some of the best Fortnite skins out there.

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fortnite fashion This is probably one of the ones that has been hit the hardest in the video game community lately. Although it has been around for a long time, it can be said that the real boom came during the pandemic and a little earlier. Launched in 2017, its “effect” was such that it one of cybersport with tournaments with the most prizes history of e-sports. Although not everyone plays the Epic game anymore, it has managed to reinvent itself.

Fortnite and the ability to keep up

There are a lot of games that in recent years, especially during the pandemic, have become popular out of nowhere, but currently almost no one is playing. Although these are good games, these “nights” Among Us or Fall Guys. However, although it is true that Since then, Fortnite has lost players.knew how to follow the wave.

As the number of players grew, new game modes appeared that were more “friendly” to the community, such as no building. Also, while it seems like the competitive ecosystem has been left a bit on the sidelines, from the game they know how to keep making money from the free to play game. The emergence of collaborations with different celebrities, series or brands Thanks to them, the game continues to be one of the most popular in its style.

Today we are going to do an overview of some of the best collaborations or skins what Fortnite has brought us lately. Although many are left out, this is just proof of what they managed to do. Without further ado, let’s get to the Fortnite skins review:


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The truth is marvel superhero world and overall it’s a good thread to pull on. If not, ask the boom that’s recent too Marvel Snap. Characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Batman or Galactus are just a few of those who have gone through this Battle Royale.

In fact, such was the importance of this alliance between some superheroes and Fortnite that not only characters appeared in the game, but there is a by-product in the comics. The emergence of films such as Spiderman No Way Home This was only a pretext for the growth of the popularity of both.


It’s not unusual for Fortnite to capitalize on the momentum of its game and its main strongholds in content creation to grow further. What is “rare” is to see it type of custom skins in Game. Ninja or Grefg only a few of those who have reached this “milestone”.


Image Source: Epic Games

Another “group” that came to Fortnite through the front door are celebrities. Not only singers who even gave concerts in the game, but people of all stripes. Football players –neymar-, WWE wrestlers –John Cena-, actors –Rock– or basketball players –LeBron Jamesare just some of the examples we have seen over the years.

anime and manga

Image Source: Epic Games

If video games are an important part of skins in Fortnite, anime and manga won’t be any less. For this reason, the series is recognized worldwide as Naruto, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball or My Hero Academia They are one of those that we can recognize and meet in any game.

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