The Minecraft project is under threat and its leaders fear it will collapse

The assessment of the Minecraftá project is in danger, and those in charge fear that it will collapse

The Minecraft project is under threat and its leaders fear it will collapse

community mine craft is one of the most passionate in the industry. Proof of this is that the franchise has one of the most comprehensive and detailed wikis. However, this project is under threat due to unexpected changes to Fandom, his hosting site.

Judging by the details, the editors and maintainers of the wiki mine craft they are frustrated by the various changes the company has made to the overall way the pages work. For this reason, they are thinking of alternatives to moving their work to another site and abandoning the Fandom project.

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wiki mine craft is in danger

The editors of the project chided Fandom for making changes that, from their point of view, harmed users of the wiki. They stated that the company is now adding links to other sites that are not related to the wiki.

In addition, new features have been added that users cannot customize, as well as more ads and pop-ups that make it difficult to read. For this reason, they believe that the project as such should be moved to another site, since Fandom no longer lives up to their expectations.

“Of course, changing the host will not be an easy task. In particular, Fandom’s fork policy requires that the current wiki remain intact and links to the new wiki not be shown for more than the first 2 weeks.

“This means that we will actually create a new wiki (…) The Fandom wiki, although it will no longer have its current editors, will still exist without any sign that it has moved, competing with the new wiki and, perhaps surpassing it. said SonicWave, one of the site’s publishers.

Although there is already a plan and an alternative, there is still some uncertainty as to what will happen. The wiki has been filled with a lot of content over the years, so surely the gaming community will also protest to find improvements.

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