The ‘English Kardashian’ posts an indecently edited picture and gets slammed: ‘Biggest failure’ celebrities

Influencer and reality star Chloe Ferry was dubbed the ‘English Kardashian’ by the British press due to her frequent comparisons to the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. And it has given rise to some controversy with exaggerated versions, as has happened on several occasions with American socialists.

In a recent photo, Chloe Ferry looks like she didn’t check any edits before posting. The error was so noticeable that it soon became a topic in the comment box of the 27-year-old’s famous post.

Chloe Ferry – Photo: Playback/Instagram

In the record, the reality star from ‘Geordie Shore’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ poses in a bikini with businessman Wayne Lineker, brother of former player Gary Lineker. Both pose in front of a straight and vertical wooden background (important detail for the sequence).

To the right of the image, in the area of ​​the English woman’s hips and abdomen, these timbers bend in a very subtle way. One of two: they really are, which doesn’t seem to be the case, or there was some ‘Photoshop’ in the area.

Chloe Ferry, ‘English Kardashian’: Edition details – photo: reproduction/Instagram

That’s no doubt true for many of her nearly 4 million followers. “The first rule of Photoshop: don’t go too close to straight lines”, commented the first one, which got over 2,600 likes. “Chloe, you look amazing, but please don’t photoshop your pictures. Young girls follow you and you are not representing your true self.” Another asked, “Has no one reviewed your photos before posting them?” The netizen summarized, “The biggest Photoshop failure”.

The influencer did not comment on the allegations.

Chloe Ferry – Photo: Playback/Instagram

Also in February last year, Chloe went viral for the same reason when fans spotted ‘ghost grout’ in the famous click. Right where the curve of its derriere is, the grout lines on the bathroom floor practically disappear, bringing evidence of edification to the area.

“Missing grout on tiles where it was photoshopped”, said one. “Why do grout lines disappear around your butt? You don’t need to edit your photos”, user criticized

view log:

Fans are pointing out edits to a photo of Chloe Ferry – Photo: Playback/Instagram

The British model, a self-proclaimed fan of Kylie Jenner, is often compared to socialite Kim Kardashian. She has even admitted to getting plastic surgery to look like her favorite Kardashian.

Well, like it or not, editing flaws are close to what separates the intercontinental Kardashians. Remember the article below:

‘Third thighs’, fake Disney rides and deformed necks: We’ve broken down 10 times the Kardashians flipped in Photoshop.

The protagonist of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Photo: Publicity) – Photo: Monet

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