Taylor Swift’s friend arrested, $1,000 bail posted

Supermodel Gigi Hadid was arrested last week for drug possession. He pleaded guilty and was released, but fined US$1,000. Gigi and a friend traveled to the Cayman Islands on 10 July in a private jet.

Upon their arrival, border control officers examined the couple’s bags and found a small amount of “marijuana and marijuana use items,” according to local media outlet Cayman Marl Road (via Rolling Stone). The pair were arrested for “suspicion of importation of marijuana and possession of utensils used for the consumption of marijuana”. He was taken to a prisoner detention center and released on bail. On 12 July, he went to court and pleaded guilty. Both were fined $1,000 and will not face any further charges.

“Gigi was traveling on marijuana purchased legally in New York with a medical license,” the model’s rep said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “Marijuana is also legal for medical use on Grand Cayman. Her slate remains clean and she is enjoying the rest of her time on the island.

The model seems to have handled the situation well and has even posted travel records on her social media. In one post, she captioned: “Ant bhala toh sab bhala” (“All is well that ends well”), excerpted from her friend Taylor Swift’s song Lover.

Gigi Hadid appears in video on Tik Tok with music from Taylor Swift

Gigi and Taylor have been spotted together a few times in New York in recent months following Taylor’s breakup with actor Joe Alwyn (The Last Love Letter). Recently, Gigi was seen dancing to Taylor’s song Cruel Summer in a video on Tik Tok. This post was done by a friend of the model. The track from the album Lover (2019) has gone viral again in recent times, appearing in the Top 10 of Billboard.

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