Talent, pride and development, the values ​​that explain the campaigns of Mundial Feminino de Fútbol

it will give juves el comienzo women’s world cup soccer, Which will be between Australia and New Zealand and will last for a month. It is one of the most outstanding sporting events of the year, and aspires to attract the attention of fans and brands internationally, especially in a context that is increasingly favorable to women’s football.

In June, FIFA confirmed the sale of over one million tickets to help the parties.

it’s bad, it FIFA World Cup On track to become the most popular women’s sporting event in history. According to the statistics of the organization,
they were already sold out in juno 1,032,884 entries For participation in the matches of the tournament, this figure exceeds the total sales of Francia 2019. It should be noted that on this occasion they will encounter 32 teamsInstead of the 24 that came with the faces in the previous version.

In addition to the face-to-face assistants at the meetings, there will be thousands of people who follow the relay from their homes. In the United States, for example, Fox Sports will be responsible for offering the championship series, which it confirmed in mid-June that it had already made a commitment. 90% of ad inventory And as per the archive, there was a 50% increase in advertising income with respect to the previous edition of the international tournament. Proverb,

These are data that reflect society’s interest in the Women’s Football World Cup, which brands have been encouraging for several weeks with communication campaigns showing not only their support for women’s football, but other social causes. And that, unlike the men’s World Cup, which fundamentally elevates the values ​​associated with the game, the FIFA Cup creates a broad basis for communicating companies’ objectives.

As with advertising, the context provides an opportunity to reflect on whether brands, if not sponsors of tournaments or certain selections, equality in sports and, by extension, in society; To inspire the next generation of players; To value the progress achieved, but also to highlight the long way that still remains to be traversed.

Brands have chosen a friendly tone and aspirational approach

Brands selected are intentionally optimistic and have assigned a kind and aspirational tone of voice to their communicationsDespite the complicated circumstances, some selections have to be made. For example, the Jamaican has been forced to launch a crowdfunding campaign to cover his travel and accommodation expenses in Australia; Minetra compared to others, such as those from Sudafrica, have come to position themselves in Huelga and protest for pay conditions.

Sponsorship Campaigns

adidas, FIFA’s partner has launched a dynamic, modern and colorful venue that brings together a team of recognizable faces. Under the title ‘Play until you can’t aim on the other side’, the piety shows the skill and passion of some of the players who will jump down the field next to Alessia Russo (United Kingdom), Lina Oberdorf (Germany) and Mary Fowler ( Australia)), with football stars like Leo Messi, David Beckham, Leon Goretzka or Ian Wright; and actress and soccer fan, Jenna Ortega.

for your part, Hyundai have chosen to show a brief and special retrospective of the development of women’s football, with the intention of showcasing the support shown to the competition since 1999.Women’s football is relentless, fierce and unstoppable. Since the first women’s football match in 1895 until the 2023 FIFA™ Women’s World Cup, the number of times women have played football on the field has changed. We are ready for this. are you there”, Ha commented on Automobilistica for sharing the location.

Visa has opted to tell a similar story, but focused on a concrete area. So, it follows a young woman who aspires to be a professional player, from her first teammates, to the purchase of her first shoes, to her official debut on the field. The company assures, “There’s a story behind every number.”

for your part, Budweiser Repeat the tactic of plying the winning team with beer, as was the case with last year’s Men’s World Cup in Qatar. On that occasion, Argentina was the winner and hence, Leo Messi was the protagonist of the brand’s campaign for the Women’s World Cup. Under the concept of “greatness has to take it”, Pizza represents a collection of images of women’s football that seeks to express the strength and quality of the players.

unilever, through its personal care brands, which include Rexona (to a degree in some markets, of course), Dove, Lifebuoy and Lux ​​have an agreement with FIFA that will run until 2027. As part of this alliance, the company serves as a sponsor, and will expand the association established in 2020 whereby through various initiatives, both organizations work to provide opportunities to a new generation of players. ,We’re just getting warmed up. until we run out”, states the location of the bell which points to everything.

television series campaigns

The Pride of Lions, as British women sportspeople are popularly known, is a central element of the Cadena campaign. ITV, Responsible for the re-telecast of the competition in the United Kingdom. The campaign site depicts a lion interacting with society in various situations in which the people, in spite of everything, are not afraid of the fair.

fox sports, On the other hand, there is Hecho Parv, an American selection who has won the tournament more times and asks in his announcement who will be able to stop the team. In a humorous tone, he shows other countries devising strategies, such as hiring young players; boasting of experience or adopting aggressive tactics to keep them from playing, such as canceling group flights, spying on them with a drone, or even traveling at short notice.

sports new zealandwhich will re-telecast the competition in New Zealand, is pleased that much of the New Zealand national team’s talent plays for some of the most outstanding clubs at international level, split between London, Los Angeles or Leicester.

Other brands associated with players or selected

Under Armour It has also taken advantage of the context of the celebration of the Mundial Feminino de Fútbol to communicate the values ​​of its brand. In this case, a video clip was made of American rapper Gavlin and British rapper Nadia Rose struggling to defend sportswomen Kelly O’Hara and Alex Greenwood, respectively, sponsoring a clothing brand.

for your part, nike, The contest’s featured partners have relied on humor to show the evolution of women’s soccer since the United States won the 1999 World Cup. He does so through the amnesia of a fan who wakes up after 24 years to discover the level and quality of football at the international level.

in our country, iberdrola It has taken advantage of the World Cup celebrations to highlight its support for women’s sports in general. You have started a creative work. Rushmore is where karateka Sandra Sanchez, swimmer Oona Carbonell or weightlifting champion Lydia Valentine line up on the “world’s largest football field,” where all-female athletes fit in. In addition, Energy has fueled its sustainability efforts at Pizza.

In its role as the “official snack” of the US team at the tournament, Frito Lay has launched a fun spot that turns iconic female players into company snacks. So, she sees a mother explaining some football games and rules to her daughter, for which she uses fries and appetizers from multinational companies, such as Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos or Ruffles.

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