South Regional League: Primate takes the lead in League of Legends just two days before the playoffs.

Regionalliga South has completed its seventh week of competition with only one playoff berth remaining. Find out what the results are in the note.

The South Regional League of Legends has completed the seventh week, the fifteenth and sixteenth dates were at stake.. After his term, Primate again led the way with thirteen wins, followed by WAP Esports with twelve wins. into their chests. They are closely watched Malvinas Rise with eleven, Furious Gaming with ten and Ebro with nine. All these teams have already reached the playoffsno matter how it turned out in the last week of the competition. Three teams are vying for this last place: Globant Emerald with seven points, Eclipse Gaming with six and Undead Gaming with five wins. Behind them Meta Gaming with four wins and Spectacled Bears with three are already out of competition in this split.

Thursday to clean lolsito in Regionalliga South

He On Thursday, July 13, the playoff war began, Where Undead BK and Meta Gaming risked their power to keep fighting for the playoffs. And the undead did the trick, beating the Chilean team 14-7 in 30 minutes. start and keep breathing.

From Meta Gaming’s side, this was the last nail for them and we won’t be able to see them in the playoff phase. After them, having won the Team Battle and Baron Nashor, Eclipse Gaming stopped GET emerald’s progress, finishing the game in 38 minutes with a score of 19-14 in their favor. Primate was next to take on the Ebro Lions, the game only lasted 26 minutes and the Lions couldn’t take it, losing 18-7.

To close the date WAP Esports beat Spectacled Bears 16:5 in 30 minutes departure and were left without any possibility of entering the next stage of the competition. Behind them Malvinas Rise managed to close the game in 35 minutes with the soul of a hextech dragon and a 25-16 scoreline against Furious Gaming.

Friday with a new announcement

He On Friday, July 14, Malvinas Rise fully secured their place in the playoffs by defeating the spectacular Bears in just 22 minutes of play., along with the herald of the rift and the score in his favor 20-8. Behind them the lions stopped the race of the undead, as in 30 minutes and with a score of only 9-1, they managed to beat them and secure access to the playoffs. Undead Gaming must win the next two games in week 8 if they want to qualify for the playoffs. With Baron Nashor, Soul of the Hell Dragon, score 26-9 and Ancestral Dragon, Eclipse Gaming screamed and still alive in the competition after beating Rosarinos in 39 minutes of play and stay on the edge of the classification.

To close the week and this sixteenth date Primus gave lessons on the game with Leblanc and Kai’sa, after beat Globant Emerald also in 32 minutes of play, a quad kill at the last second and close everything at 17-6. GET is now required to win next week in order to advance to the next stage. The last game was between Meta Gaming and Furious Gaming where the skull was trusted and they failed to capitalize on a point that could leave them in the top phase of the playoffs, losing 25-8 in 30 minutes of play.

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