Shakira’s children call Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend “daddy’s maid” – Jogo da Vida

The singer does everything to protect Milan and Sasha from women who can pass through the life of a former footballer for a short time

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The separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué continues to be discussed in the pink press around the world. The former Barcelona player has fancied a relationship with Clara Chia, but the Colombian singer is keen to protect her father’s girlfriend’s children.

The custody agreement stipulated that children who live with their mother and spend a few days a month with their father must stay away from their parents’ boyfriends or girlfriends until the relationship is formalized. The singer’s idea was to protect Milan and Sasha from women who could pass through Piqué’s life for a while.

Both young children know Clara Chia – with whom the former footballer allegedly cheated on the singer – who is also his employee at Cosmos. And according to the South American press and the ‘ABC’ newspaper, the children refer to the girl as “daddy’s maid”.

Milan and Sasha are spending a few days with their father and Shakira is currently in Barcelona from England, preparing her defense in an alleged tax fraud case while repatriating the children.

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