Project Zomboid is the most realistic zombie apocalypse simulator.

Zombies are creatures that have accompanied culture for a long time. Not only are these creatures as such now out of voodoo culture, it was only in 1932 that they first appeared on the big screen. The world of video games took longer to emerge, as it is a later art school. Until 1986, when Ubisoft released its first Zombies game, these creatures, now associated with video games, could be seen on a computer monitor. Years later they continue to enjoy huge popularity, “Project Zomboid” is not one of the newest games in this genre, but one of the most creative games released in recent years.

Usually zombie games have simple mechanics., collect weapons and kill them. The Zomboid project, developed by The Indie Stone, goes one step further. If you are looking for a game that simulates the zombie apocalypse in a more realistic way, you have found it. The graphics section is perhaps its weakest point, but the style they are looking for is well implemented and really attractive.

In the Zomboid Project, we will not only have to watch out for zombies, but also look for water, food and shelter.. It could be compared to The Sims, but with zombies. Our character suffers from all our decisions. For example: we break a window to get into a house; when we entered we didn’t remove the windows, we cut our hands. This is a game that really punishes the player for being careless with the characters.

Project Zomboid
Project Zomboid

Game mechanics are simple but extremely rich. We start the game, create our character – I wouldn’t spend a lot of time, it’s not for long – we choose his old profession, which will give us an increase in some characteristics, some advantages and look at the rating. If we choose positive skills, points will be deducted, if the result is less than 0, we will not be able to create a character, so we must compensate for this with disadvantages.

Now we are ready tell us the story of how we died. We appear at a random point, you need to look for food and arm yourself with everything you can. It is advisable to go stealthily, because if we encounter a zombie, the noise of the brawl will attract another, and soon we will be surrounded by a horde of zombies. Running is also not desirable, as we will make noise and our character will get tired.

The title also has a skill system that will increase as we progress, read or watch videos of said skills on TV. If we raise skills such as carpentry, we will be able to build barricades and fortify positions.

Over time, they have implemented various patches that add content. At the moment, It has a cooperative game system and the ability to control vehicles.. A game that was already released in 2013 but is still loved by its creators and the community, which also provides a wide range of mods.

Zombie Project
Zombie Project

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