Prime Video week release (07/13/2023)

Prime Video’s release in the second week of July didn’t open to a great start. This is because streaming was more focused on older and well-known titles than newer and flashier productions. And this is far from being a problem, as it brought some successes to the catalogue, such as the amazing spider manSince 2012, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

The first attempt to restart Buddy’s chronology from The Neighborhood delves deeper into the character’s past and, brings the villain LaGarto (Rhys Ifans) into the plot. Blending action and fantasy, the film managed to score a 6.9 out of 10 on IMDb, and a 77% approval from the public on Rotten Tomatoes. In addition, the feature received new life after Garfield appeared before this version of a living Peter Parker. Spider-Man: Never Go HomeWhich forced many people to watch this film with love.

And, speaking of action, another feature that’s catching the attention of Brazilian audiences Maximum Alert. The film, released in theaters in 2023, tells the story of an airplane pilot who makes a forced landing on a war-torn island. And all because he was trying to protect the crew from a ray that could bring down the plane.

Turns out that, upon landing on the spot, they find that their problems have only just begun. Starring Gerard Butler, Mike Colter and Yossan Ann, the film was directed by Jean-Fran├žois Richet and has already managed to grab the first place among Prime’s most viewed feature films.

Other less interesting novelties, but which can please, are comedy series crown in distress and thriller series horrors of dolores roach, Remember these are just some of the Prime Video releases of the week. Check out the full link below.

All prime video releases of the week


  • The Horror of Dolores Roach – Season 1
  • Jack Ryan – New Episodes, Season 4
  • high alert
  • ultimate source
  • Crisis in Crisis – Season 1
  • The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet – Season 1
  • Emma – girl of faith


  • Assassins – Season 1
  • love between the reeds
  • True Love – Season 1
  • Hunt


  • Ambition – New Episodes, Season 1
  • secret weapon
  • Fury


  • final portal
  • the princess promised
  • Robin Hood: The Origin
  • kickboxer


  • Ana – New Episode, Season 3
  • Hostel Days – New Episodes, Season 1
  • jockey


  • the amazing spider man

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