Photo: Lisa D Blackpink’s twin sister Asi Luce, she looks exactly like her

A photo of the singer went viral through social networks lalisa manobanmost known lisa from blackpink, due to the fact that it is with a woman just like him. As of now, some users believe that it could be a twin sister or maybe it could be BLINK playing the role of the female rapper, but nothing has been confirmed as of now.

Does Lisa have any sisters?

The Thai interpreter, who has gained worldwide popularity thanks to her songs “Solo” and “Lalisa”, is the only girl and does not have BrothersBecause the man selling it with her in the photo that went viral on Twitter might not be yours Sister, However, it is rumored that this could be a cosplayerbecause it’s not the first time someone has copied Lisa,

On the other hand, there are those who believe that everything is about a version And the person selling stuff next to Lalisa in the photo is Lisa herself, because they’re so similar they can’t just be a copycat. Despite all this, it is clear that the two are looking very beautiful and happy in the photo posted by the @honorslisa fan account on Twitter.

(Credits: Twitter/ @honorslisa)

Blink is confused by Lisa’s alleged twin image

Since this photo went viral on social media, the number of its followers is increasing. lisa from blackpink If they’re surprised, put the selling personality in the image on par with the repera. As a result, many people said they were confused and asked if anyone knew the person they were with. attitude,

Even the account sharing the picture claims that the girl with Lalisa is called LilyThe truth is that it is unknown whether it is real and what its real name is. “¿Queen es Lili?”, “Estoy is really confused…”, “¿Lisa has a twin sister?”, “Esto es una edition ¿Sierto?” and “I can’t believe it, she’s Lisa with Lisa”, were some of the reactions on the network.

(Credits: Facebook / Blackpink)



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