Now you can download Pokémon Sleep, a new Pokémon game for mobile phones, for free.

The Pokémon Company is also introducing a device that helps us control our sleep hours.

Now you can download Pokémon Sleep, a new Pokémon game for mobile phones, for free.
Snorlax and Pikachu will invite us to sleep

After years and years of waiting, The Pokémon Company finally premiered today. Pokémon Sleep, your new mobile game. This app, available on Google Play and the App Store, is used to track sleepalthough it offers interesting rewards from the world of pokemonincluding shiny creatures.

Pokémon Sleep puts us in the context of an adventure that takes place on a small island where an investigation into how Pokémon sleep is being conducted. The player will have to work hand in hand with a huge Snorlax. who lives on this island and with Professor Neroli, who studies the positions in which Pokémon sleep.

The gameplay of the game is as simple as leave your cell phone next to your pillow when you go to bed track your sleep cycle and keep the data recorded. The more he sleeps, the higher the score will be when he wakes up, and the more Pokémon will appear around Snorlax. The sleep cycle will be assigned to one of three types of sleep (light, medium or deep) and Pokémon with a pattern similar to the player’s drawing will appear alongside Snorlax.

As with any Pokémon video game, the main goal of Pokémon Sleep will be to complete Dormidex, the Pokédex that will be included this time around. On the other hand, it became clear the notoriety that Snorlax will have on the app, so he will have to be fed to increase his vigor during the day. Through this process, the resulting invoice will be increased and access range to more Pokémonwhich allows you to supplement the mentioned Dormidex.

New Pokémon device hits the market

While Pokémon Sleep can be played on mobile phones, this Friday, July 21, The Pokémon Company will be releasing a new accessory called Pokémon GO Plus+, being compatible with the famous Niantic game, although it will be rewarded in both games. When it’s time to sleep, you need to hold down the central button of the accessory, put it next to the pillow and sleep. In addition to recording sleep, Pikachu will be able to notify when it’s time to wake up or sleep.

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