‘Mission: Impossible’ | Find out which movies faced off in each episode of the franchise at the box office

Premieres last Thursday, July 13′Mission: Impossible – Reckoning Part 1‘, the seventh installment of one of cinema’s most successful franchises. That same weekend, the film also arrived in the US and worldwide. star Tom Cruise ‘ aims to achieve the same success in 2022 withtop Gun capricious’, the biggest critical and box office event of his career. There are many factors to consider for the success of a film. One of the biggest competition is the competition that the productions have to face on the big screen.

Cinema is art, but it is also a very competitive business. Each major Hollywood studio has its own company seeking to dominate the market. In the case of movies, they become the new fad seen and talked about by everyone. New ‘Impossible Goal‘ has everything to become one of the biggest films of the year, there is no shortage of praise for the feature. However, as said, it will face heavy competition. It started on the first place in the rankings, beating the champions of the previous weeks, see ‘Indiana Jones and the Relics of Fate‘and terror’Supernatural – The Red Door,

biggest challenge of Tom Cruise it’s yours’MI-7‘ Will perform next weekend, July 21 (20th in Brazil). We are only talking about the two most anticipated films of 2023:’barbie‘ it is ‘oppenheimer, While everyone only talks about the rivalry of very different blockbusters, they forget that in between we have ‘MI-7’, which definitely cannot be underestimated. Will spy movie Ethan Hunt be able to beat both, just one, or neither? we will see.

In the meantime, we’ll go back in time with you to remember that Ethan Hunt’s life was never easy, and since his first appearance on the big screen in 1996, the secret agent has faced not only the worst movie villains Had to do, rather than some blockbuster. Most loved in their respective years. See below which films each installment of the franchise faced at the box office.

it was star in 1996 Tom Cruise It found a goldmine when it decided to bring the classic 1960s detective sitcom to the big screen in a big way. Cruise is also one of the producers and owners of the franchise. When it premiered on May 24 in the mid-90s, ‘Impossible Goalcame across a “wall” calledtwister‘, produced by Disaster Blockbuster Steven Spielberg Which had dominated the box office for two weeks since its release on 10th May. But ‘Mission: Impossible’ not only tackled it, but toppled the wall, securing the top ranking. And then it was Cruise’s turn to equally dominate for two weeks; being fired in the third week byrock‘, overproduction of Michael Baystarring Sean Connery it is Nicolas CageWhich premiered on 7 June.

First ‘Impossible Goal‘ was one of the biggest hits of the late ’90s, but one thing that critics and fans alike complained about was its overly convoluted and confusing storyline. So for the sequel, Cruise and the producers decided to keep things simple, with a story everyone could follow, with an emphasis on stylish action sequences. that’s what the sugar master was called john woo, ,Mi-2‘ The original release date of 26 May 2000 was retained the same. Their face to face will be epic’the Gladiator‘, which premiered on May 5 and remained at the top for two weeks, but Disney Animation pulled the feature.dinosaur‘ (do you miss her?).

animation was ranked only a week ago, when ‘Mi-2‘ was released and took the ranking podium for itself. This time, Ethan Hunt’s new adventure will be at number one for three weeks – until it’s knocked down again by a blockbuster movie. Nicolas Cage In early June, it’s here60 seconds‘, a feature also shown in Angelina Jolie in artists.

In this phase of the franchise, Tom Cruise wanted to experiment with new directors, so as not to repeat a feature order – despite the previous director’s success. who assumed it was jj abrams in his first film. The third would become an underrated chapter as, despite having several defenders, the feature did not reach expectations financially and nearly ended the partnership between Cruise and Paramount. Again Star bets on May as its home’MI-3‘, but it took things a step further, appearing on 5 May 2006. When Ethan Hun’s third film came out, it was number one at the box office’trailer holiday‘, comedy with the late robin williams, But there was not much danger from this feature.

as always, ‘MI-3‘Two weeks at the top, not even a blockbuster debut’Poseidon‘ was strong enough to snatch the lead from him. It would only be in its third week that Cruise’s film would lose the throne, and it wasthe Da Vinci Code‘, with other ToneO! Hanks, who will achieve the feat. However, this too would fall a week later with the premiere of ‘.X-Men: The Last Stand, Yes, the North American box office is a veritable musical chairs where only the strong survive.

The lower-expected result of ‘MI-3‘ He has done Tom Cruise And the filmmakers changed their strategy a bit, as there was no question of leaving the franchise. Thus, the fourth feature would receive the subtitle for the first time: ‘Ghost Protocol, instead of a number. Furthermore, May will no longer be the home of the franchise, at least momentarily, with its only issue being released at the end of the year, in December, on the 23rd. Well, here we have another new addition to the franchise that deserves an asterisk. It was revealed that Blockbuster was released in a restricted manner on December 16, 2011, a week earlier to warm up the engine, prior to its premiere on the larger circuit on the 23rd.

In this restricted warm-up, ‘Mi-4‘ finished in third place, as it faced two other big premieres on the same day – these being big circuit launches. was the championsherlock holmes – a game of shadows‘, Together Robert Downey Jr.And in second place, baby’alvin and the chipmunks 3, But it took just the next week for ‘MI-4’ to get off to a proper start and gain momentum, where it would remain unchanged for two weeks – even with the debut of ‘legends like’men who didn’t love women‘, In david fincher,adventures of tintin,war Horse‘ it is ‘we bought a Zoo, It will be only in January 2012 that the terror’daughter of evil‘ will take away their leadership.

With the fourth film, the franchise regained its prestige, achieving the saga’s highest box office and highest praise from critics – who had it as the best example up until then. Of course it needed to be continued and it came after four years’MI-5, there will be a gap entry Christopher McQuarrie, who would from here on become the official director of the franchise and take charge of all other copies. Here, the series kicked off its premiere in December, but it also hasn’t returned to its traditional May home. The fun will now turn serious with the first ever start in July, where the competition is very real.

Released on 31 July 2015, ‘MI-5‘ The superpower named Marvel came face to face. It’s okay that it was in a “minor” studio film (pardon the word). ,ant Man‘ was presented Paul Rudd in the MCU, and on July 17 topped the box office for two consecutive weeks. But in the third week the little hero had to deal with Ethan Hunt and then it turned bad for him. Of course, ‘MI-5’ became the new lead, and premiered on the same day as ‘Reboot’.disappointed holidayDidn’t even tickle. Hunt and Cruise trash the ‘K’ remakeFantastic Four‘ it is ‘uncle agent‘, being stopped only in the third week’Straight Outta Compton – The Story of NWA,

suffrageImpossible Goal‘No cinema was born in May and three films remained there. We’d say that after the disappointing results of the third, the franchise shifted and reorganized in December. With success in hand, he chose a new home: the month of July. And this is the month she welcomed him, where the exploits of Ethan Hunt (and Tom Cruise) continues to this day, with the seventh film released last week. Here we saw the premiere ofMI-6‘, on July 27, 2018. Five years ago in this same month of July, we saw the actual musical chairs, without even a blockbuster being able to stay at the top for more than a week.

So, on July 6, ‘ant-man and the wasp‘Became a leader, but had to step down from animation’Hotel Transylvania 3 – Monster Vacation‘next week(‘skyscraper‘, In Dwayne Johnson There was no match). In turn, such animation was ‘promoted to’guard 2‘, Together Denzel Washingtonand also byMama Mia! there we go again, Finally the last weekend of July is here.MI-6‘ to take the ranking at the top. And as usual in the franchise, one week just wasn’t enough Tom Cruise and Ethan Hunt, so the film had two weeks to play its parts – beginning with ‘Don’t Bother’Christopher Robin – An Unforgettable Reunion‘ by Disney. ‘MI-6’ was closed in the third week itself, when it was ‘megashark‘ by Warner.

And will it happen this year?Counting – Part 1‘ became the first film of the franchise to stay at No. 1 for just one week? It’s fitting that this time they will be faced with two of the most “hyped” features of the year, ‘barbie‘ it is ‘oppenheimer, But was it not so in previous years as well? What do you think? Comment.

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