Meet Barbara Doza and her Afrobeats

A mix of hip hop, trap and reggae to get your body moving.

Venezuela is a country of cultural diversity, the result of a mixture of indigenous, Spanish and African cultures. The test of its diversity is the mix of Latin and Caribbean sounds found in the artists of its land. this is the story Barbara Patricia Mendoza, is referred to as barbara dozaA young artist who was born in Venezuela, the so-called travel capital, lived in Puerto Rico, and went to Miami to share her music.

small, barbara doza He started writing his first songs, however, in those moments his musical style was not clear as he was constantly in motion. After moving to Miami barbara doza They faced a unifying moment in their careers yeti beatswhich inspires him as a Latin artist within independent urban styles.

of music barbara doza Beyond the norms of musical genres and challenges. In his songs, you can find an interesting mix of reggae with hip hop and even a trap that only spins in his soft voice.

yeti beats, accessible maker of doja catfound in barbara doza A unique artist, set to break down the barriers of urban genres. Together they created the latest Sensillo Day barbara dozaTopic “take me”.

‘take me’ It is a bright and peppy track with a catchy melody. It’s about the longing you feel after meeting someone and can’t get them off your mind”, shared barbara doza in a press release.

with two sensillos in his traktoria, barbara doza Poised to become one of the new revelations of Latin music. enjoy “take me” Here.

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