Marvel releases never-before-seen footage from the 5th and final episode of Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion is already in its final stages, and Marvel has released an unreleased scene from the next episode of the series – see.

secret attack Stars Samuel L. Jackson, our beloved Nick Fury, and actors Ben Mendelsohn, the Skrull Talos. The series adapts the famous comic book arc in which Earth becomes the target of a Skrull incursion.

The season will consist of six episodes, releasing every Wednesday, and tomorrow, the 10th, 5th and final episodes of the series will air, bringing us closer to the finale.

And today Marvel released a preview of the new episode, an action scene involving Gia (Emilia Clarke) and Priscilla Fury. See right below:

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More about Secret Invasion

secret attack Marvel Studios has an exclusive series disney+, with 6 episodes. The series would eventually adapt the 2008 comic that featured the alien Skull’s epic and elaborate attempt to conquer Earth, infiltrating various strata of society.

featuring returning artists Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) ben mendelsohn (stalk) and cobie smulders (Maria Hill). Besides them, we will also have premieres Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones Daenerys), Award Winner Olivia Coleman it is Kingsley Ben-Adir, Kyle Bradstreet ,Mister. Robot) will be the screenwriter and lead producer of the series, which has already arrived on Disney+. Run there to see!

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