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Emma Watson lands her most unusual role since her Harry Potter debut in Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring: The Hollywood Gang. The actress explained why she was so excited to be in the film.

Emma Watson made her breakthrough as an actress when she played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. After the fantasy series ended, her career continued and she tried her hand at new roles. Her most unusual character since Harry Potter was in 2013’s Bling Ring: The Hollywood Gang.

In this cheeky film from Los Angeles Times director Sofia Coppola, Watson stars as the exact opposite of Hermione Granger. However, the star fought over the film for a very specific reason.

Emma Watson “hated” one of her best roles since Harry Potter — and the real model reacted harshly

Harry Potter star chose daring role because of film’s director

The film’s plot is based on a Vanity Fair article about the true story of a group of teenagers who broke into several celebrity homes in Los Angeles and stole many valuables. One of the film’s gang leaders is Nicky, played by Watson, who loves drugs, alcohol and partying and aggressively engages in his sexual advances.

In an interview with GQ in 2013, Emma talked about deliberately choosing not to play the bling ring in order to portray herself in a completely different character from her character in Harry Potter. Instead, it was director Sofia Coppola with whom Watson wanted to work:

(…) I really fought for the role; I really wanted to play her. First of all, I was a big fan of Sofia (Coppola). (…) I met her, then I found out she had a script, so I read it, I liked it and I knew she was interested in me for Nikki. I never chose the role, I chose the director. This is how I have considered all my career options till now. ,

If you still don’t know Bling Ring: The Hollywood Gang, the feature is available on HBO Max.

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