Laura Ascens is the ultimate influencer summing up the controversial trend of teaching abs

Natalia Arroyo

Ale 2023 It is clear that the craze for fashion Y2K style Boundaries have been crossed, and it has been demonstrated to all with the return from home highlighted Highlighted more: From UGG boots and miniskirts to low-shooting pantaloons, passing through Maxiplataforma Zapatilus. But if we thought it would stop there, we were very wrong, because one of the nineties-inspired trends didn’t stop there, because One of the Most Controversial People of Your Day, Here’s a Twist With more power and the same controversy: Thong over pantaloons and skirts.

underwear lessons have been converted to An Essential De Las Carpets Rojas present and, each time, there are more celebrities Internacional las seman a la trend, como dua lipa o haley bieber. in the national arena, we also often see how influencer Choose to teach their thong. last thing to do Laura Ascens during her pleasant holidays in Menorca In Luna’s Alvaro Company, that’s it.

laura escens@lauraescanes

laura escens

The Catalan content creator is one of those who have bet the most on Y2K beauty in the past few months, and so was demonstrated by his cowboy outfits, his cargo pants and his many styled hairstyles. see clearly But teaching thong straps over pants, Laura Ascens just proved that she is one of the best Spanish ambassadors of the genre Which became very viral in the 2000s.

However, for the most part, all su Look Respect the La Corriente Aesthetic who we’re talking about, and not just because his phosphorite green belt straps are visible, but because he’s chosen a crop top, A pair of pantaloons and a hat at the shooting range, and these are the perfect complements that define everything Y2K related to perfection.

laura escens@lauraescanes

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