LALA oil, is it useful or not? This is Profeco speaking!


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LALA Oil It is one of the most consumed products in Mexico as it is quite a commercial brand, however few people know if it is beneficial or not.

Butter is made by whipping cream from milk, resulting in a dense fat with a smooth texture. Its color ranges from pale yellow to more intense yellow, depending largely on the feed consumed by the animal.

To learn a little about butter, Federal Attorney for Consumer Protection (Profeco), conducted a study of 35 products. They analyzed 23 salted and unsalted oils, 1 oil-labeled product, 6 spread products, 1 shortening, and 4 reduced-fat products.

The research was conducted for Consumer Magazine in order to provide the buyer with the necessary information about the products he purchases; in this article we will talk about LALA oil.

What has Profeco analyzed in LALA oil?

Information for consumers: Profeco confirmed that the information on the label contained the name, brand name, manufacturer’s name, address, ingredient list, expiration date and net content. And also that the information was truthful and did not mislead the consumer.

Water content: Dependence explains that the product should not contain more than 16% wt./mass. water.

Fat content: which should not be less than 80% m/m.

Salt content: Profeco has confirmed that they adhere to their declaration regarding the product “with salt” 3% (m/m) (maximum sodium chloride) and “without salt” 0.5% (m/m) (maximum sodium chloride).

Is LALA oil good for you?

According to Profeco, Lala Unsalted Butter, in its 90-gram (g) package, met all the specifications that could be called as such.

LALA Oil It provides 765 kilocalories (kcal) per 100 grams. Its market price is $18.93 making it one of the most affordable. Provides 85% fat.

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