Know about ‘Sex Diet’, a practice followed by celebrities to cut calories

Larissa Sumpani, 24, reveals she specializes in sex with the aim of burning calories. Photo: reproduction/Instagram – @eusumpani

Sex instead of gym. This is a summary of the “sex diet”, a practice that involves engaging in intense sex for the purpose of reducing calories. The list of celebrities who have already joined include names like Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Pamela Anderson and Miss Butt By Minas Gerais, Larissa Sumpany.

The Minas Gerais model says her “sex diet” involves having intense sex three times a week for hours at a time. Larissa told the newspaper “O Globo” that she researched alternative ways to exercise and noticed that in addition to being pleasurable, sex can be a great way to burn calories.

Influential people who started using sex as a form of exercise reported burning 8,000 calories between 3 and 4 hours after sex.

Advantages and disadvantages of ‘sex diet’

Urologist and sexual medicine expert Pilar Ceballos explains that sex should be much more than an exercise and remember that the act releases substances in the body that contribute to health, better sleep, immunity, and more. Also, he explains that it is important to stay hydrated and eat something during a long sexual journey.

On the other hand, gynecologist Carolina Ambrogini says that intense sex can distort the feeling of sex and cause couples to lose connection and complicity. She also claims that practicing this way can cause cracks, burns, and increase the chances of sexually transmitted diseases. (with information from “O Globo”)


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