“Kim Kardashian saved my life”: the ‘miracle’ of the body that saved a woman after being shot four times

AApart from enjoying worldwide fame from which he has gained financial evidence, he is now on social networks with his reality, Kim Kardashian there is a brand of clothing called ‘Skims’,

Your fashion company has everything from lingerie, sportswear and bodywear. In fact a gift like this last one has saved a woman’s life. monday Angeline Wileya body of skims saved from dying after receiving four shots,

It Makes Sure Kim Kardashian’s Body Survived Dying

The woman has told the whole story on Tiktok and the video has gone viral. Vile The video explains in detail the events that took place January 1 in Kansas City, Missouri. she was waiting for a lift like blablacker and then He fired four times. Biggest thank you to you Kanye West: “Kim Kardashian saved my life”.

In the social network he explained: “I was shot four times this New Year. The night they shot me, I was carrying a skim molding faja under my dress.” He assures that it saved his life: “I was so tight It literally stopped me from bleeding”. Angeline Wiley states that the body acted as one “Body Armor for Women”.

After this incident the woman leaves “get more” gift from Kim Kardashian’s Brand Since you realized that you “must use them all day”. “You can call destiny… Jesus Christ… but I’m going to call Kim!”have expressed Vile, Tan vir se ha ha cho la historia que hasta la propia Kim He responded with a comment on the video about what he put on”Wow!with an emoticon de las manos rezando.


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