July 20th is World Sky Jumper Day.

Colombia will be the epicenter of the worldwide commemoration of Sky Zon jumping.

In the month of July, the time of holidays and communication with children, note this physical activity, with which you can get rid of a sedentary lifestyle and form healthy play habits.

July 20 is celebrated not only as Independence Day in Colombia, but throughout the world. world jumping day. A date that the Sky Zone trampoline franchise wants to celebrate in style. For what he will spend during the whole month of July big bouncing sky. The aim is to encourage physical activity through jumping and acrobatics as an initiative to mitigate the impact on children and adolescents’ use of technology and those passive activities that cause illness at an early age.

According to the manager Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Italo Alexander Mullo Rojas“This will be a month full of experiences, the goal of which is to create a culture of jumping with awareness, to share it with the family, to form bonds with our children that will allow them to be safe in all stages of their development and, in addition to everything, to encourage a healthy lifestyle from an early age to promote physical and mental health.

“We will host a number of events ranging from the best jump, the best acrobatics, costume innovations for this event, and different competitions depending on the age of the children. A month full of adventures and gifts,” added Mullo Rojas.

Pediatricians stated that the act of jumping is one of the most important events in the motor development of children, which will develop and strengthen their psychomotor skills, the development of gross motor skills, bone and muscle mineral density. In addition, it promotes spatial awareness and allows them to release the energy and adrenaline they have.

Mullo Rojas stressed that the entrance to the park will be free from 10 am to 11 am and competitions will be held according to the age of the children. The park is located in the Plaza Claro shopping center, second floor.

“It is not certain that we will achieve a change in the orbit of the planet Earth on this day, but I can assure you that it will be a day to share with the family, to experience a different experience, accompanied by fun and unity. .” Happy Jumping Day!

How did the idea for World Jump Day come about?

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to change the Earth’s orbit? Well, many scientists are doing this, they have studied, developed and designed how our planet will change its orbit and move a little further from the Sun. But why talk about it? There are many theories supporting the need for this orbital transition, including the threat of solar expansion and climate change.

For this last reason, the German artist Lauschmann prompted the convening of World Jump Day through the website, which took place on July 20, 2006. According to blogs of the time, he reached 600 million subscribers.

The purpose of the call was to make people from all over the world jump at the same time and make the Earth change its orbit as a solution to climate change. While it was impossible to move the planet, the real message the activity left was the importance of addressing the issue of climate change.

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