Jennifer Lawrence’s new film ‘Que Horas U Tego?’ Critics’ Opinion on

Critics' Opinion on "what time shall i pick you up"new movie with jennifer lawrence

With Jennifer Lawrence in the new film “What Time Do I Get You?” Critics’ Opinion on

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mark the return of Jennifer Lawrence In the world of comedy,What time should I pick you up?’ hit the theaters on 22nd June and won the hearts of the audience. with the direction of Jean Stupnitskywho worked on productions likeOffice’ it is ‘good boysLawrence is with him in the movie Andrew Barth Feldman,

In the plot, Maddie (Lawrence) is a broke woman looking for a job to fix her life. Desperate for money, she answers an ad on the Internet and gets an unconventional job: the parents of a nineteen-year-old youth hire her to have a date with the boy (Feldman) before he leaves for college. Are.

But, what are the expert critics saying about ‘After all?What time should I pick you up?’, With a 67% approval so far on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.8 on IMDb, most comments about the feature have been positive. Check out critics’ feedback below:

Criticism pieces? We have!

‘What time shall I pick you up?’ A welcome contribution to a genre in decline , And a reminder that Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s best (and funniest) leading ladies.”

devon cogganEntertainment Weekly

This is the reason why Jennifer Lawrence is one of the youngest Oscar winners. She plays Maddy with great nuance and complexity and delivers such a performance that the audience will forget the dark premise of the film.”

Natasha Alwarcultured vulture

I’m going to recommend a mildly cheesy R-rated comedy for one simple reason: I enjoyed watching it. I’m so tired of overly long, over-produced, formulaic “stuff” that this paltry movie seems like a work of genius in comparison.


A refreshing blast of raucous, adult comedy really affects a sweet coming-of-age journey for an eccentric couple.”

Rich Clineshadow on the wall

‘What time do I get you?’ Thank God for, in which Lawrence seems to be having more fun on screen than ever, finally unleashing her pent-up crazy energy that she’s never been able to fully channel into her characters before “

shirley leethe Atlantic

It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s a hilarious, funny and cheeky comedy with a star who makes everything look so easy.”

Felix Vasquez buff

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