J Balvin has confirmed that his album with Ed Sheeran will be out in 2024. LOS40

¡Que paranás las rotativas! Ed Sheeran or J Balvin Going to release a joint album. This is how J Balvin communicated for Nylon magazine. The Colombian is preparing to return to music for Big Door two years after publishing his album José. La Estrella de Reguetón will publish a new solo album before the end of 2023.

The same work has been said to be very advanced and contains reggaetón de la Vieja Escuela mixed with Afrobeats. By the way, the artist singled out this work as, click, click, flash, Like Dembo full of paparazzi camera sounds. Come on, J Balvin’s new one will be full of surprises.

your album with ed sheeran

But what we’ve drawn attention to in your interview with Nylon is the bombshell that dropped. Yes, the artist has confirmed that she is producing an album with Ed Sheeran. A record that will come to light in 2024. A craziness!

It is evident that both the actors put up amazing performances and have already collaborated together. both singers joined follow or Love forever: Of the songs released in the last 2022.

J Balvin explains that the album was born solo: “It came about in an organic, natural way. We met, we had coffee, we met at the same gym, at the hotel”. Furthermore, the singer assured that it would be a record that would get a lot to talk about “because it’s like worlds merging”.

A record we didn’t know was about to emerge

J Balvin released this album a few weeks ago with Mike Towers on the Hotboxin territory. The Colombian confirmed that she recorded 20 songs with the British. Crazy menu to choose what they wanted!

“I wanted us to do something big. I wanted us to do it in Spanish. He’s a great musician. He’s got something. Working with him was amazing. We made a whole album that hasn’t come out yet I think there were about 20 songs” he confessed to J Balvin on Hotboxin’.

Now, finally, we know the album will be coming in 2024. We’ll be on the lookout for new details.

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