If You Played “Summer Of ’69” While On Bryan Adams’ Set: Your Feedback Has No Value — Aldi

More and more concerts are being played where we are seeing upset fans doing things they shouldn’t be doing. in the last show of Bryan Adams In Salt Lake City, the Canadian was hurt when an assistant put herself on stage and turned off the microphone… she explained to me “summer of 69″,

The Canadiens had just finished the first riff of the theme when a young man in a white shirt and cowboy boots managed to evade security equipment. Instead of confronting her, Adams decided to take a step back and let her sing… even though it didn’t take long to bring her to her knees. Best of all, Adams didn’t lose out on a note, it was exactly where its holder had left it. An impressive response.

Video of the moment went viral on social networks, with many praising the way Adams managed this compromising and uncomfortable situation. On his social networks, Adams has commented on the following, taking what he has lived through with a sense of humor: “Standing on the platform is not recommended… sometimes you fall”.

What happened to Adams is not an isolated case. There are some fans who have forgotten that there is a line that separates the artist from the audience. Similar situations have happened at the concerts of Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Bebe Rexha or Lil Nas X, among others. Of particular concern is the recent trend of throwing objects on the platform that has become fashionable recently. Some artists, at times, come out with bruises after getting hurt by blunt objects like mobile phones.

@.aliciajo last night at the @BryanAdams concert in SLC someone jumped on stage & was pulled away by security. Brian’s response was unbelievable. #bryandams #bryandamsconcert #concert #music #livemusic #concerttime #80srock #bryandamssummerof69 #summerof69 #concertcrasher #slc #bryandamssaltlake? original sound – alicia

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