“How dare you throw anything at me, I will kill them”

Recently we have seen many such cases Singers are exposed to all kinds of objects during their performances, Overwhelmed by the emotion of the moment, they are launched by the supposed fans there.

Just a few weeks ago, singer Bebe Rexha showed How does your face look like after effect of mobile phone? Launched in public at one of his concerts. The launch moment went viral on social networks ends by artist Suelos and the public’s self-doubt is part of Show,

Ultimately, this had to be attended and the concert was cancelled, despite the fact that the public was waiting for its return. Second, I may have known Rolling Stone magazine through a member of his family, The singer required three stitches to close the herida., After the incident, Rexha assured on her social networks that she was “fine”.

Several singers have shown their support and publicly condemned these acts. British singer Adele arrived last during her concert at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.,

“Did you know that there are people who go to concerts and forget about the rules of conduct and carry objects on stage?” I began to judge the artist with a pistol throwing T-shirts to assistants at her concerts. But not only that, with the most defiant and derisive attitude, I continued to warn: “How dare you throw anything at me, I will kill them”.

A fashion practice that we have also seen at the concerts of artists Harry Styles, Rosalia or Lil NasxBecause Adele wants to go further with these sarcastic words.

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