Heidi Klum does a ‘rollover’ on video to celebrate the arrival of the weekend celebrities

Heidi Klum – Photo: reproduction/Instagram

When you see the sun rise on Saturday after chanting #Friday as a mantra of hope all day, it is not only you who feels immense joy. German top model Heidi Klum is also excited about the arrival of holy days of rest (for some) and partying (for some).

Heidi Klum travel record in France – Photo: Instagram

In a video posted to her Instagram account, the German top warmed up the weather for her fans and followers by posing in a bikini and dancing to the beat of bells as she ‘starts work’ for the weekend. ,

The 50-year-old beauty, who is traveling in Italy with husband Tom Kaulitz, 33, wore a pretty pink and white striped bikini, as well as sunglasses and a black hat to complete her look. Was staying

Heidi Klum – Photo: Instagram

But if a bell is enough for Heidi to take her little steps, the German also remembers a hit from his homeland that still makes him dance. The muse remembered the song “Carbonara” by the German new wave group Spliff, which she had heard for the first time at the age of nine, but her husband had never heard until then.

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