Gamepolis 2023 in Malaga: programs, tournaments and tickets

tenth anniversary Gamepolis 2023 It aims to become one of the most important in its history. Andalusia’s biggest video game and esports festival will take place this coming Friday, 21st, Saturday, 22nd, and Sunday, 23rd July at PTrade Fair and Congress Hall of Malaga. The video game sector gathers in Malaga for a party dedicated to this culture, which is gaining more and more followers and is gradually taking its place in the creation of new video games and in the competitive field.

This time tournaments will play an important role in gamepolis 2023. The competition field will host tournaments with prizes of 1,000 euros for the winners and 500 euros for the finalists. There will also be prizes for third and fourth places, each of which is different. Will tournaments competitive from Pokemon VGC, FIFA 23, Fortnite, League of Legends and Valoran. For not competitive there will be iconic games like Street Fighter, Tekker 6, Super Smash Bros, Mario Strikers, MarioKart Deluxe, Super Mario Pary, Taiko No Tatsujin, Kirbys Dream Buffet and Super Bomberman. Specify the registration and conditions of competitive tournaments, as well as the schedule of all on the organization’s website.

There will also be competitions lids from dancing Asiatic (asian cover dance) like cosplay. This first one will take place on Friday, July 21st and will have individual and group prizes. A total of 1,000 euros will be distributed. As for the second one, with an exclusive video game theme, it will also have a total of 1000 euros in prizes, from the best individual or group cosplay to the best clothes, armor, wig…

There will also be a charity tournament for content creators, All stars Gamers, where prizes of 1,000 euros will be awarded for the winner who will go directly to the association of their choice. These will be different rounds in different games with Minecraft Ultra Hardcore as the central axis. Mr Keroro, He Patika or living on the street some of the confirmed creators. On the other hand, there will also be a freestyle battle with a prize pool of 500 euros.

Among the guests of the event will be some of those mentioned above and others such as Eleky, Ermoti, Kimi Tanioka or Lui, as well as some dubbers such as Lorenzo Beteta, Rafael de Azcarraga, Ramon de Arana and Gabriel Jimenez.

Tickets for Gamepolis 2023 in Malaga

Gamepolis 2023the tenth edition of the Málaga Video Game Festival will take place this Friday the 21st, Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of July at FYCMA. A three-day general pass costs 30 euros and day tickets cost 13.05. There is a VIP subscription that includes access to the VIP area, an official Gamepolis welcome pack and an official 10th Anniversary T-shirt for €80. Tickets can be purchased on the Gamepolis 2023 website.

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