Fortnite references appear in World of Warcraft, possible collaboration with Overwatch 2

Collaboration in video games is pretty common these days. There is currently one of boys With call of Dutyone of dragon ball With PUBG Mobile and even from death thread With autumn boys. That is why, when we found numerous references to Fortnite in patch 10.1.7 PTR or test server World of Warcraft (Wow) The first thing we assume is that there will be a collaboration or “crossover” between the two games, even with other Blizzard games such as Overwatch 2.

The well-known Wowhead website was one of the first to report found links to a “battle royale” MMO. Among them spells like impact bomb, Slurp drink, disco bomb and Gluck Jug. They will belong to a character named “Renegade Marauder”.who might be the boss.

Soon after, a player known as Portergauge reported via his Twitter account. that the character “Renegade Marauder” was associated with these spells Wow is a reference to Assailant Renegade (“Renegade Raider”), a character from Fortnite.

We don’t think this is a coincidence, but At the moment, nothing indicates that this is a real “crossover”. It may just be a tribute or a parody of what the developers Wow to the game from Epic Games. However, there are other signs pointing to cooperation between Fortnite and blizzard game and if not World of WarcraftMay be Overwatch 2.

Recently, “modder” Ponirai created several designs for Soldier 76 and Angel in Battle Royale and posted them on Twitter.. They didn’t last long before Blizzard removed them at the request of the DMCA. The argument is that he “leaked content from Overwatch 2” although they were mostly “fanart” for Fortnite.

Although it may be a mistake Many believe that this was due to cooperation or “transition” between Fortnite And Overwatch 2 in future. We know for a fact that this game will be partnering with the unannounced franchise in Season 7. Fortnite?

At the moment, all speculation. Stay tuned to GamerFocus to be the first to know if there will be a collaboration Fortnite With World of Warcraft (Wow) And Overwatch 2 it’s real.

Sources: load capacity, wow head And Ponirai

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