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Preply, a Kiev, Ukraine-based language teaching app and e-learning platform with an office in Barcelona, ​​conducted an interesting survey. Based on sentiment analysis of more than 200,000 popular posts and comments on Reddit – a social network with communities divided by topics -, they found how musicians make their fans feel. To do this, we analyzed over 200,000 popular posts and comments across 92 popular artist and band fan communities.

Yes, music inspires people, evoking all kinds of emotions from anger and sadness to love and happiness. Whether it’s its rhythm and energy or its lyrics, a song can fill that void when you don’t have words to express how you feel. To understand the impact of songs on people, this language analysis study enlisted musicians from past decades to current stars.

using a dataset called Emotion, Emotional words and phrases were marked on various community fan forums to know the percentage of emotions discussed. Language analysis covered the many emotions – love, anger, sadness and happiness – reported, as well as which artists had the gift of expressing the right words that linked language to emotion.

Ed Sheeran and U2 fans are the happiest

Sometimes just saying you’re happy isn’t enough. You may be left speechless while describing what it is like to meet the love of your life or remembering old moments like enjoying a summer day. However, some musicians achieve this through lyrics and music.

Artists are more likely to please their fans

1-Ed Sheeran
6-Selena Gomes
7-Harry Styles
9-daft punk
10- Ariana Grande / Talking Heads

Artists are rarely likely to please their fans

1-Cardi B
2- Megan Thee Stallion
3-Travis Scott
4- Nicki Minaj
5-Kanye West
6- Metallica
7-Britney Spears
8-a$sp Rocky

Musicians like Ed Sheeran (#1) and U2 (#2) delight their fans with their upbeat songs. The use of metaphors that connect fans to life’s happy, carefree moments makes the lyrics particularly relatable. Groups with similar messages but faster beats such as Led Zeppelin (#26) and 21 Pilots (#39) are in the middle of the list. The artists who generate the least happiness top the anger list, including Cardi B (#1) and Megan Thee Stallion (#2).

Whether they evoke feelings of regret, sadness, or sadness, some artists make their fans feel sad with their songs. Coming out on top, causing the biggest sorrow among fans is panic! at the Disco (#1). While the song itself sounds upbeat and fun, its lyrics talk about sad moments that everyone can relate to, such as the end of a chapter in life.

Artists most and least likely to disappoint their fans

most likely to make your fans sad

1- Panic! at the disco
2-Linkin Park
3- Metallica/Nirvana
5-Britney Spears
8-Lil Nas X / SZA
10-Avicii/John Mayer/My Chemical Romance

You’re Less Likely To Make Your Fans Sad

1- Dua Lipa
3-Camila Cabello
4-Selena Gomez
5- Miley Cyrus
6- Megan The Stallion / Talking Heads / Rihanna / Nicki Minaj
10- Ariana Grande

Sometimes an artist’s real life shapes their music, which heightens the sadness of the lyrics for their fans. For example, Linkin Park frontman (#2) Chester Bennington (1976/2017) described the pain caused by the mental health problems he was dealing with in the songs he wrote. This pain can resonate in the minds of people struggling with these issues.

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Singer Britney Spears is on the list of artists who could make her fans more sad – iStock

Like Linkin Park, Britney Spears (#5), though often associated with pop music, has songs that touch people’s hearts. Being in the limelight from a young age, people often relate real life moments to their lyrics in their songs. Sometimes an artist’s unique voice or sound brings out the emotion even more. Halsey (#6) sings in “Cursive”, a pitched pitch that sends sadness into the hearts of her fans. On the other side of the spectrum, fans of artists like Dua Lipa (#1), P!nk (#2) and Camila Cabello (#3) reacted with minimal sadness.

Female singers know how to rage, as Cardi B (#1) and Megan Thee Stallion (#2) take the top two spots in that regard. These women speak a new language in the male-dominated rap scene, taking on female roles in the boardroom and bedroom. Although they tend to use emotional lyrics in their songs, Katy Perry (#1), Selena Gomez (#2) and Ariana Grande (#3) are the top artists who incite the least anger.

Artists least likely to offend their fans

Most likely to annoy your fans

1-Cardi B
Megan the Stallion
3-Kanye West
4- Eminem/Travis Scott
6-Guns and Roses/Metallica
8- Kendrick Lamar/The Weeknd
10- Nicki Minaj

Your fans are less likely to get annoyed

1- Ariana Grande
2-Selena Gomez
3-Katy Perry
7-The Killers/Ed Sheeran
9-Florence + The Machine
10-Bruce Springsteen

Rockers are usually associated with angst, but only two bands and one singer made the top 10: Guns N’ Roses (#6), Metallica (#7) and Bruce Springsteen (#10).

“say that you love me”

It doesn’t matter what language you speak, the words “I love you” can be difficult to say, let alone describe. But some artists have a way of making songs that help us express our thoughts on that feeling from different perspectives.

The artists least likely to make their fans feel the love

Most likely to make your fans feel the love

1-Demi Lovato
2-Katy Perry
3- Dua Lipa
4- Miley Cyrus / P!NK
6-Camila Cabello
7-Selena Gomez
8- Nicki Minaj
9-Cardi B

Less likely to make your fans feel the love

2- Travis Scott / Daft Punk
4- The Weeknd / Eminem / Childish Gambino / Bad Bunny
9-SZA/A$AP Rock

The results suggest that females are better at communicating the language of love through song than males. The top 10 positions that make their fans feel most loved are all occupied by women. Demi Lovato (#1), Katy Perry (#2) and Dua Lipa (#3) topped the list. On the other hand, male musicians filling out the top ten artists don’t make fans feel the love.

clear communication

Songs not only fill in the gap when you can’t quite find the right words, but they can also be used as a language learning tool and help you practice pronunciation. Language learners around the world use their favorite songs to connect with a new language and culture. Preplay language expert Sylvia Johnson comments that song lyrics are a great source of words and phrases to remember during the fun.

Try listening to them, look at the lyrics of the songs to improve your understanding and pronunciation and then try singing along to the foreign songs. Listening to music can also improve your memory. She recalls that studying with music has been shown to enhance memory and that the repetition and chanting of songs helps us remember bits of information that we can use in conversation.

Research Methodology

As of March 2023, over 200,000 popular posts and comments have been analyzed across Reddit fan communities of 92 popular music artists and bands. Based first on record sales, awards and critical acclaim, then on the size of their communities, a list of artists active at some point in the last 40 years has been established. This list is a complete list of the past few decades of popular music and is reflective of recent rising artists, from Charli XCX and Bad Bunny to Metallica and Michael Jackson.

For each artist, 150 to 200 posts were analyzed, with a total of 300 to 4,000 comments. An average of 175 posts and 2,200 comments were analyzed per task. Treating each individual post and comment as a separate “statement”, as explained at the beginning of this lesson, is called a dataset. Emotion, which measures language sentiment. Each statement was scored on the attributes of “sadness”, “happiness”, “love”, “anger”, “fear” and “surprise”. Each statement was then tagged with the emotion for which it scored the most. To establish which fans are most sad, for example, it was calculated which community had the highest percentage of statements marked as “sad” compared to all others.

Source: Preply

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