Discover Invizimals, video game-inspired cards

You have to go back to 2009 to find out the origin”invisimals‘, a video game for the PlayStation that triumphed thanks to augmented reality and its ability to combine computer-generated images with the real world: by pointing the camera of a console like the PSP at any angle, you could find fantastic creatures to capture. one after the other, a gaming system that triumphed again with Pokémon Go and mobile phones.


Such was its success that trading cards from this series were soon created and became fashionable again among students, especially among Primary students. And the fact is that, just like in the game, they also take advantage of augmented reality: each has a special printed code that is recognized by the PSP camera and other compatible devices, which gives life to the corresponding Invizimal, unlock and access to the game bonus.

Collecting the entire collection is what encourages young people to exchange cards at recess, in the park, etc. There are even special events, fairs, conventions… where they come together to get what they need.

How is it played?

In addition, students use them in more traditional games in which they compete for them or simply challenge each other to duels. These are the most popular:

battle royale

Although it is designed to be played with a board, it is not required. In this game mode, two players become facing each other: each chooses 6 Invizimals from one habitat and lays them out on the table in 2 rows of 3 cards each: rear and vanguard. To attack, the player chooses a card from their vanguard against another opponent’s card. If the attack is successful, he stays with her. The player who runs out of cards loses. In addition, you can play Extreme Battle Royale, which consists of a battle similar to the previous one, but using only Invizimals Pup, using only habitat, or only using cards that the opponent chooses.

mysterious Invisimal

It begins with one of the players drawing a card from the deck, which he does not show to his opponents. They take turns asking yes or no questions until they guess which card it is. At the same time, two or more people can play.


For two players, each cuts the deck of cards where he wants and reveals the creature he dealt. Whoever rolls the Invizimal with the highest attack value wins the round; the winner of the match is the best of 5 rounds.


All cards are shuffled and dealt out, and each player places them so that only the first one is visible. The first roll chooses whether to consider attack or defense. Opponents discard their cards and the highest value wins. The game ends when there are no more cards on the table to play.

Secret Creatures 2023

This year, the new Invizimals “Secret Creatures” collection is on sale, which consists of 404 cards, including some special ones with a metallic background and holographic effects. Each Invizimal has its own card and they are classified according to their rarity into basic cards (264), special cards (132) and limited edition cards (8); and eight habitats: fire, ice, desert, jungle, ocean, stone, metal, and air.


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