Celebrities reveal four secrets to a healthy lifestyle and irresistible bodies

Bodytech: Celebrity Gym for an active and healthy lifestyle.

In an ongoing quest to stay in shape and look radiant, celebrities shared the secrets to their successful workout regimen at Bodytech Gyms.

When choosing a gym, celebrities take into account several important aspects that match their personal goals. These factors include quality facilities, modern and varied equipment, flexible schedules and the availability of highly qualified professional trainers.

Celebrities from acting, modeling or competition guilds are demanding and face challenges that in most cases must be resolved in a medium to short period of time without compromising their health, so personal trainers are tasked with making them look and feel the way they want.

According to Fercho Fit, one of the most recognized personal trainers in the country. “Celebrities are always being watched, and so we design training programs that match what they want to achieve on a physical level, we prioritize the result without neglecting the health of the individual.”

Each celebrity has their own Gym Preference Zone, which tailors their workout routine to individual goals and preferences.

For some, individual training and group sessions help motivate their routine to achieve their goals effectively.

“I prefer places in the gym where I can attend individual classes such as Pilates reformer, group classes or have a personal trainer who will accompany me to achieve my goals,” concluded Sandra Beltran, actress and model.

The weight zone has taken center stage as one of the areas of fitness due to its effectiveness in harmonizing the figure and gaining muscle mass.

According to Marie Laura, singer and actress, “I really enjoy weight training, weight machines, and cardiovascular because it’s connected to my body and health goals.”

“The weight zone is very important to me, and when choosing a gym, he made sure that it had the necessary machines and equipment for my workouts.” According to Emanuel Espars, Spanish actor.

Bodytech shares four secrets from celebrities to maintain a healthy body and life:

  1. Individual training: They have highly qualified personal trainers who develop training plans tailored to your individual needs and goals. These trainers use a variety of methods and disciplines, including strength training, cardiovascular training, yoga, dance and Pilates, to keep their clients in top physical shape.
  1. Focus on nutrition: Proper nutrition plays a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Celebrities work closely with nutritionists and nutritionists to develop balanced meal plans tailored to their specific needs. These plans typically include a combination of fresh, nutrient-dense foods low in saturated fat, and eliminating or reducing processed foods and refined sugars.
  1. Discipline and Consistency: Keeping fit requires dedication and determination. Celebrities are aware of the importance of exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general. They follow a strict training schedule and set realistic long-term goals, which allows them to stay motivated and achieve sustainable results.
  1. Balance between body and mind: Well-being is not limited to the physical aspect. Many of them incorporate practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and mindfulness into their daily routine. These methods help them maintain emotional balance and reduce stress, which is key to a healthy and successful life.

These practices not only help to maintain an enviable physique, but also contribute to the achievement of comprehensive well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

“Regular vigorous exercise strengthens the body and improves physical endurance, which is essential for actors and models who often face demanding physical challenges in their roles and on the catwalks.

In addition, physical activity activates the release of endorphins, neurotransmitters responsible for creating feelings of well-being and happiness, allowing them to more effectively cope with the stress and pressures of their profession,” says Dr. Alejandro Sarmiento, Scientific Director of Bodytech. .

It is important to note that each person is different and that these training methods are not exclusive to celebrities. Most of his practices can be adapted to achieve better health and wellness.

If you need more information about the workout methods used by celebrities, you can consult a specialist who will give you information on how to start with exercise and a balanced diet.

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