Babies who were born together have been successfully separated

Mexico City, Ella Fuller or eliza fuller They were born on March 1 in a hospital in Houston, Texas, they were united.

Three months into the pregnancy, their fathers, Sandy and Jesse Fuller, learned that the twins were conjoined in the womb.

As the children grew, doctors were eventually able to determine that the girls’ livers were fused. Each one’s own liver and light were just merged.

Despite the fact that the twins were conjoined, the embarrassment continued well and when Sandy was 35 weeks along, doctors helped her deliver the girls by caesarean section.

“It was a beautiful experience”.

Sandy Fuller

After the birth, the doctors worked on a plan to separate the girls by performing surgery. l Dr. Jonathan Davis, co-director of the Clinical Twinning Program at Texas Children’s Hospital says Today Early detection in utero helped your team prepare for surgery.

“The twins present new challenges in unison, and each one is different”.

Doctor Jonathan Davis

A team of 17 specialists participated in the surgery to separate the children and the operation lasted for six hours.

Fortunately, the procedure went well without complications. A hospital press release reported that after being separated, the girls were returned to intensive care, where they made a quick recovery.

Only a month later, he was well enough to go home with his priests.

“They’re going to decide that if they can make it through, no matter what they face in life, they can manage without a doubt… There is a way, and I believe That’s a good way to show them, you know, sometimes the impossible is possible”, the father told the press.

“From beginning to end, we were guided, informed and comforted”, explained the mother.

“We are so grateful that God has put some of the best doctors and nurses in our lives to give our girls the best opportunities in life.”

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